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Parent Retreat 2018

Don’t miss your chance to attend the 11th annual Parent Retreat. This event is held for caregivers and family members to learn about FASD and strategies they can use to help support their loved ones. This free-of-charge event will be a one-day workshop held in three different communities.

The locations for this year’s event are:

Saskatoon – Saturday, April 28th
(registration closes April 23rd)

Regina – Saturday, May 12th
(registration closes May 7th)

Prince Albert – Saturday, May 26th
(registration closes May 17th)

This year’s event will be delivered by Saskatchewan caregivers who have years of experience raising and caring for individuals with FASD. The workshop will include a session on strategies for school-age children, sensory exercises, a discussion of common challenges when individuals with FASD reach their teenage years, and key considerations as individuals transition into adulthood.

Click here to register.

If you have any questions or need assistance registering please contact or (306) 975 - 0896


Tips for Employment

Finding employment opportunities can be a challenge. It is important to focus on finding a good fit between an individual’s abilities and their environment. Sitting down with the individual to create a list of possible jobs based on their abilities and interests can be a good starting point.  Ideally, finding employers who are willing and able to modify job requirements will help the individual succeed. Jobs with the following criteria often work well for some individuals:

  • Regular hours on the same days to help with consistency and routine
  • Uniforms to simplify the process of getting ready for work
  • Jobs that emphasize hands-on training for the position
  • Jobs that can provide a coach or trainer on-site who can help with explaining directions
  • Jobs that have regular breaks

For tips on strategies and modifications that can help an individual succeed in their place of employment check out the Network’s ‘Tips for Employment’ booklet. Remember that the Network is here to help provide education and advocacy in the workplace! Contact us at 1-866-673-3276.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Network has some exciting volunteer opportunities in Saskatchewan! We are looking for people who are interested in joining our Board of Directors or Parent Advisory Committee. Volunteering on the Board or Committee will provide an opportunity to impact the lives of families and individuals with FASD.

The Board of Directors operates as a governance board, meaning they oversee the direction of the FASD Network and guide it towards achieving its mission. The commitment when volunteering on the Board of Directors includes meeting in Saskatoon every three months (with travel and accommodation provided to volunteer residing outside of the city), and participating in occasional conference calls in-between meetings. We are looking for Saskatchewan residents whose background could be beneficial to our Board in the areas of FASD, strategic planning, non-profit management or past experience volunteering on a Board of Directors.

The Parent Advisory Committee was created last year to give caregivers a voice within the organization. The purpose of the committee is to provide recommendations for the Network’s projects and services to maximize their ability to address recent and relevant issues faced by families impacted by FASD. The committee holds teleconference meetings three times a year, so travel is not required.

If you would like to volunteer for one of these exciting opportunities visit our website to download an application and send it to before April 30th.

Upcoming Events

April 28                       May 2                May 9                 May 12
Saskatoon Parent Retreat       Improv                        Peer Support                Regina Parent Retreat

May 14                       May 16                 May 23               May 26
Frontline Training                  Caregiver Support          Life Skill Workshop    PA Parent Retreat

To RSVP for upcoming events visit our calendar online.

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