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Sacred Music Studies
Year 2 - June
The Novena to the Sacred Heart starts Wednesday, May 25! 

I'll admit it: the hymn this month is one of my all-time favorite devotional hymns. It's almost second nature for me to start singing it at the beginning of every June. It's one of my go-to bedtime hymns. I also can't wait for one of my children to know the melody strong enough so that I can sing the descant with them at the chorus.

May the hymn's tender words help to increase your devotion to the Sacred Heart!
Month at-a-glance:

Hymn: Heart of Jesus, Hear
PDF -----  AUDIO

Gregorian chant: Words with Wings - finish up the lessons

Extra Listening for Enjoyment: June Sacred Music Playlist
Click either sheet music image to download and print both pages.
Printable Music
Audio - Catholic Devotional Hymns
On the web page that opens, scroll down to click and play Heart of Jesus, Hear. I think this organist and choir did a lovely job with the hymn.
Hymn: Heart of Jesus, Hear
Text: Sr. of St. J (it was common for religious composers to be be semi-anonymous)
Music: (c. 1921) by Victor Hammell


Heart of Jesus, meek and mild
Hear, oh hear thy feeble child.
When the tempest’s most severe,
Heart of Jesus, hear.

Sweetly, we’ll rest on thy Sacred Heart
Never from Thee, oh let us part.
Hear, then, Thy loving children’s prayer:
Heart of Jesus, Heart of Jesus, hear.

Make me Jesus wholly thine,
Change this wayward heart of mine,
Lead me through this world so drear,
Heart of Jesus hear!


When I draw my latest breath,
When mine eyes shall close in death,
Then, sweet Jesus, be Thou near.
Heart of Jesus, hear.



New American Cursive Practice Page
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Gregorian Chant
June Lessons:
  • We will be reviewing and finishing up the book this month 
  • Nothing new in this part of the Newsletter until September
Extra Listening for Enjoyment:
  • Chant Kyriale (CCWatershed) - did you know there are 18 different Gregorian Mass settings?

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I started a Google+ community for these studies. This has great potential for being a place to: 1) discuss the music we are learning each month, and 2) share our learning experiences with others. I think it would be helpful if Q&A, interesting facts found, or other helpful information could be easily seen and discussed by all.  Think of it as an online study and support group. 

Let's enjoy this learning experience together!

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Sacred Music Studies Community
Sacred Music Studies Community
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