Sacred Music Studies
Year 1 - April

Month at-a-glance:
Antiphon: O Sacrum Convivium 

Gregorian chant: Continue work in the Coloring book

Extra Listening for Enjoyment: Kevin Allen's O Sacrum Convivium motet / my Spotify Lenten playlist

Learn More about Sacred Music: Commentary on the Eucharistic theology in this antiphon
Read on, and do as little, or as much as you'd like! I chose this piece because April is traditionally dedicated to the Holy Eucharist, and because Holy Thursday falls on April 2.  

O Sacrum Convivium

You have a choice between two musical settings of this prayer: a Gregorian chant and a motet by Roberto Remondi. Pick which one you feel called to learn.

A Few Facts:
  • The Latin text is by St. Thomas Aquinas, who was commissioned by Pope Urban IV in 1264 to write the hymns and prayers for the office of Corpus Christi. 
  • The antiphon appears in the Roman Breviary during Vespers for the feast of Corpus Christi.
  • Roberto Remondi (1851 - 1928) was an Italian organist at the Milan Cathedral.
From the St. Gregory Hymnal. Found online at
View & Print the Music
There is also another version here that shows the four voices, and includes the English translation.

If you sing in a choir, you might like this edition, which includes an organ accompaniment.
Listen on YouTube

O sacrum convivium, in quo Christus sumitur: recolitur memoria passionis eius; mens impletur gratia et futurae gloriae nobis pignus datur.

O sacred banquet, in which Christ is received, the memory of His Passion is renewed, the mind is filled with grace, and a pledge of future glory given to us.
Score found on GregoBase. Printing works best if you download it as a PDF first.
Listen on Spotify
Listen on YouTube
More Sacred Music to Listen to and Enjoy:

O Sacrum Convivium (You Tube) Kevin Allen is a master composer of contemporary sacred music. This motet features 3 equal voices.

Other settings:  
My Lent Playlist on Spotify - put this on in the mornings or evenings to help keep your focus on Jesus' sufferings. 

Chant Propers for the Extraordinary Form (CCWatershed) - if you have 15 minutes to spare one weekend, try listening to the ancient chants for the Sunday propers.

Chant Kyriale (CCWatershed) - did you know there are 18 different Gregorian Mass settings?
For further learning about sacred music:
- Read the eighth Q&A: Does chant have to be in Latin?

- Take a theological look at O Sacrum Convivium line by line. Article by Msgr. Charles Pope.
Optional Enrichment and Learning for Homeschoolers
Language Arts and History Ideas
Religious Ideas:
- PRAY the O Sacrum Convivium. There is a partial indulgence attached to the antiphon! 

Search the Catechism for related topics; read and discuss.

- Read the account of the Last Supper in Mark 13:22-24 

- Add drawn symbols, images, and embellishments to the sheet music for the family hymnal
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Let's enjoy this learning experience together!

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Sacred Music Studies Community
Sacred Music Studies Community
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