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Sacred Music Studies
Year 1 - May

Month at-a-glance:
Hymn: All Ye Who Seek a Comfort Sure 

Gregorian chant: Continue work in the Coloring book

Extra Listening for Enjoyment: Veni Sancte Spiritus

Learn More about Sacred Music: An app for learning Gregorian chant
Read on, and do as little, or as much as you'd like! I chose this hymn because June is traditionally dedicated to the Sacred Heart.


All Ye Who Seek a Comfort Sure

A Few Facts:
  • This hymn was originally a Latin hymn from the Breviary, but was translated around 1849 by Fr. Edward Caswall (1814-1878).
  • The Latin hymn, Quicumquae certum quaeritis, was used in Matins and Vespers for the feast of the Sacred Heart (the Friday after the Octave of Corpus Christi.)
  • The version we are learning is arranged by E. F. MacGonigle (copyright 1887)
Music score found in the Sodalist's hymnal on
Here is a score of the melody only. Click and download the image to print.
Listen to the Music
The above link goes to my original blog post on this hymn. Two versions of the hymn are given there for you to listen to.  The recordings are at a "learning pace"; once you are familiar with the melody, you'll probably want to sing it at a faster tempo.


Translation by Fr. Edward Caswall (1814-1878)

1. All ye who seek a comfort sure
In trouble and distress,
Whatever sorrows vex the mind,
Or guilt the soul oppress,

2. Jesus, who gave Himself for you
Upon the cross to die,
Opens to you His Sacred Heart;
O to that Heart draw nigh.

3. Ye hear how kindly He invites;
Ye hear His words so blest;
“All ye that labor come to me,
And I will give you rest.”

4. What meeker than the Saviour’s Heart?
As on the Cross He lay,
It did His murderers forgive,
And for their pardon pray.

5. O Heart, Thou joy of Saints on high,
Thou hope of sinners here,
Attracted by those loving words
To Thee I life my prayer.

6. Wash thou my wounds in that dear Blood,
Which forth from Thee doth flow;
New grace, new hope inspire, a new
And better heart bestow. 

More Sacred Music to Listen to and Enjoy:

Veni Sancte Spiritus - The sequence sung on Pentecost, arranged by Tomás Luis de Victoria
Chant Propers for the Extraordinary Form (CCWatershed) - if you have 15 minutes to spare one weekend, try listening to the ancient chants for the Sunday propers.

Chant Kyriale (CCWatershed) - did you know there are 18 different Gregorian Mass settings?
For further learning about sacred music:
- Read the eleventh and twelve Q&A: Aren’t chant and polyphony too hard for regular parishes? and What about “full, conscious, and active participation?”

- iChant Gregorian- This little app can be a big help! If you get stuck learning a new chant, this app could help you figure it out. 
Optional Enrichment and Learning for Homeschoolers
Language Arts and History Ideas
Religious Ideas:
- Learn about devotion to the Sacred Heart. On June 4, 2015, begin the novena to the Sacred Heart. Go to Mass on the feast of the Sacred Heart (June 12, 2015), and pray the Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart to receive a plenary indulgence. 

Search the Catechism for related topics; read and discuss.

- Add drawn symbols, images, and embellishments to the sheet music for the family hymnal
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Let's enjoy this learning experience together!

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Sacred Music Studies Community
Sacred Music Studies Community
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