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Rock To Recovery Brings The Party to MSC on May 27th 

Come join us as we Rock To Recovery with Wes Greer (formerly of Korn and Hed PE). Wes will be leading an interactive rock group at the My Sober Coach offices on Wednesday May 27th. What can you expect? A great time! You do not need to be a musician to participate and the group will address not only recovery, but eating disorder and mental health issues, as well. Rock to Recovery gives people a chance to have fun expressing themselves, working as a group, and experiencing the natural high only music can produce. (click for event details)

Healthy Relationships with Dr. Magen Todd 
Wednesday, April 29th. 

Underlying all of Dr. Todd’s work is the belief that healthy intimacy is every person’s birthright. She is passionate about helping individuals heal old wounds that stand in the way of achieving true connection with others. (click for details)


renewal los angeles style 
Top 5 places to 'renew' in L.A.

Amid the bustle of Los Angeles, there are many places to rest your mind and spirit. Renewing yourself is an important part of healing and growing. These places can offer a comfortable atmosphere to clear your head and refresh your thoughts. (click here for the list)


Featured Article
Even in California, where we don't have to deal with freezing winters and snow, spring is all about renewal. Our days start to get noticeably longer, our outfits change, we venture outside more and there is a certain "freshness" in the air that we may not have noticed during the winter. Aside from all the things that occur naturally during the spring, I am in the middle of moving my family to a new home. While we loved our old home it was time for a change, time for something new, something fresh - just like spring. Instead of getting caught up in the stress and anxiety that can be caused from a move (or any change for that matter) I am choosing to view it as an opportunity to renew. An opportunity to start fresh in a new place with the people I love most - and that is exciting. We all have the ability to renew ourselves everyday, even several times a day. By taking the time to renew ourselves spiritually, physically, and even geographically when necessary, we better prepare ourselves to live each day to the fullest. Hopefully these articles can help point you in the right direction. 
Renew Your Passion 
By Noel deCordova  

When we develop passion for something, we also develop a purpose in our lives. Sometimes we have a passion that gets lost in the shuffle of our daily lives. However, this passion is never lost for good. (click to read)

Restart Your Day 
By Noel deCordova   

Sometimes the day doesn’t start off so well. Maybe you woke up with a headache, or maybe your car had trouble starting this morning. Fortunately, we all possess the power to reset our day at any time. (click to read)

8 Ways To Restore Your Energy 
Whether you’re working hard throughout the day, or sorting out your personal life, life can be draining. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to restore your personal energy. (click to read)
REnewal in the kitchen 
Even last night’s meal or lunch can be renewed into something delicious and fresh. Don’t throw out your leftovers. Instead, put them to good use! Leftovers can be key ingredients in many recipes. Better to cook them up than to toss them out. (click to read)

Quotes & Words of Wisdom

"Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling"
-Deborah Day 
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