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Did you know that MSC has an intern program and monthly events? 

We have a great intern program at MSC. Internships are open to any client that works with MSC and provides people an opportunity to skill build, utilize MSC as a reference, add to a resume, as well as build social skills and self-esteem.  Our interns help with creating content for our newsletter, run our monthly events, opportunities to mentor other clients when appropriate, and work on various research projects.  Interns work in our study career center and can work 1-3 days p/week. We also host free monthly workshops on life skills. Topics include managing stress/anxiety, healthy relationships, spirituality and more. These events also include dinner! if you are interested in learning more about them, please

Acu-tapping: Mastering Your Inner Energy System
With Grace Suh Wednesday, October 28th

Come join us as Grace Suh teaches us how to master our inner energy systems and perform "Acu-Tapping" - a way to self regulate stress and anxiety. This is a great opportunity to get exposed to some alternative medicine and leave feeling great. (click here for event details) 

Top 5 Things To Do In L.A. for Halloween 

L.A. has some of the best Halloween attractions in the country. Check out this list and make sure your Halloween is extra spooky! (Click here) 

Pawn Sacrifice  

“Pawn Sacrifice” is a must see film for fans of chess or any kind of tactical strategy. Fischer remarkably plays his life as a game of chess throughout, making sacrifices for the greater good. This comes with the side effect of alienating his closest allies and perplexing the general public. The film paints these patterns as typical symptoms of genius, and eventually resembles an uneven caricature of Fischer’s life. Still, the actors sizzle in their roles, particularly Tobey Maguire as Fischer. (click for full review) 


Our Intern, M. Tesla, created this gorgeous painting in our office over the course of 3 weeks. M. says that "it represents chaos and order"  and "is a representation of nature, which we  are a part of and in touch with at all times".  


Featured Article
One of my interns approached me requesting to write about how to deal with our busy minds of negativity and how to find ways to filter it and contain it.  I loved the idea of getting conscious about our negative thoughts and exchange info and tips on how to redirect it and find the calmer mind within ourselves.  I battle with the 'busy head' daily, trying to find the positive chatter and keep the negative talk to a minimum.  I find meditation, yoga,  and other quiet activities brutally uncomfortable to get through because my head has a lot to say about it all, however, when I do walk through these activities, there is always a lightness in my thoughts.  Action steps have been useful to calm the brain too, ie; exercise, walking, watching a sunset, writing, going to acupuncture, drawing or reading a good book, massage, etc.  Adult coloring books have been a huge resource for many, including myself, to calm the rapid fire of thoughts to a slow down speed, (see the article on the benefits of coloring images).  Spirituality can always detour negative thoughts as well, ie; daily meditation readings, quotes from books, engaging in spiritual rituals.  I encourage you this month to take that first step of calming your mind and examine how much of your day is consumed with negative/busy thoughts.  There are so many tools out there to help you with this challenge, hopefully you might find a few in this newsletter.  One last tip I will leave you with is a gift one of my sponsors had left me with years ago, she told me to start my day flooding on paper all my fears/anxieties and/or negative thoughts for the day and after I have completed that, to write down all my positive thoughts/intentions I wanted for myself that day.  It was a really nice exercise for my brain to practice this daily for a period of time.  Our minds need this type of exercise and others in order to build muscle strength and battle those unhealthy thoughts.  I hope you have a great month of building those muscles.  Enjoy the ride.   
The Power of Coloring
By Chris Jones   

Adults have come to the belated realization that coloring is fun. Take a peak at this article and find out why coloring books are at the top of Amazon's best sellers list and how coloring can help you calm your busy mind (click here to read) 

Amazing Ways To Get Out Of Your Head   
By Chris Jones   

Sometimes our thoughts run ramped. The good news is that there are things we can do to control these situations and avoid spinout. (Click to read)

Rock to recovery brings the noise!
Check the amazing song, Sonny, from Rock To Recovery did with our guests at our last event. From noting to something in just over an hour! This is amazing (Click here to listen) 


Fact VS. Fiction: KALE
Apparently there are many misconceptions about Kale! Our intern, Kasey, lays all the facts out for us about this super food! (click here to read)
Bloody Cheesecake Brownies 
Who doesn't love Halloween treats? But how about healthy brownies? Check out this amazing recipe by our Intern, Kelsey for Bloody Brownies - the perfect, healthy, Halloween desert.(click here for recipe) 

Quotes & Words of Wisdom

When we believe in our thoughts, when we tell ourselves a story, we suffer.
-Byron Katie 


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