June 2015
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Why am I a Block Parent, nobody is knocking on my door?

Society is changing!  Google “helicopter parenting vs free range parenting” and see what you think.

Having the Block Parent sign in your window encourages children to be outside, out of the backyard and away from the house.  What are the benefits of walking to school, going to the variety store, meeting at a friend’s house, going for a bike ride and playing in the park? Allowing your child to do these things means you are teaching them to be more physically active, to live a more healthy lifestyle, to be aware of their surroundings, the weather, to become more social, creative, independent and street smart.  With a little more independence, your children will become more confident and will have the skills and the abilities to go out into the world to play, to use public transit, to go to university, to travel to Europe, to get a job.   The amount of “knocks” on your door doesn’t measure the success of our program, and it’s not just a sign in the window, the Block Parent Program is a tool to help guide our children, and to help them grow into happy, healthy, independent and confident adults.

Business Block Parents

It was a pleasure to meet with the employees of our newest Business Block Parent, The James Morris Cooperators Insurance Group, at their office at 31-130 Cedar St. in Galt, Cambridge. Thank you for your support of the Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program, we are so excited to have you as part of our team!

Click HERE to follow The James Morris Insurance Group on Facebook and see how he can help you! 

We are always looking for new Business Block Parents to provide safe locations in the commercial areas of our community. If you are a business or know of a business owner who would be interested in our program, please contact us! 

Left: James Morris and colleagues, Right: James Morris and WRBPP Chair, Tara Mondou
Re-Certification Updates

For many Block Parents, it’s time to update your Police Vulnerable Sector’s Checks, PVSC’s.

If you have received a Re-Certification Package via email, we are asking that you update your checks within 45 days of receiving the email.  This is important because we want to be as diligent as possible.

GOOD NEWS! Several of our Block Parents have gone to Police headquarters on Maple Grove Road in Kitchener and received the checks “on the spot”!  Not having to return to pick up Police Checks is very convenient!

Thank you Waterloo Region Police Services!

Let's Welcome Our New Block Parents!

In the past several months, we’ve recruited new Block Parent Families in Breslau and Belmont Village.

Cambridge is an up and coming “hot spot” for new Block Parents.  Check out the Neighbours of West Galt magazine to see the Block Parent article.  Stay tuned for exciting Block Parent news from the Alison Neighbourhood Community Centre in Galt.

Westvale has always been a “hot spot” and we encourage more Westvale neighbours to become Block Parents.

Visit our website or click the image below for the enlarged map of Block Parent homes in the Region.

Awesome and Engaged Block Parents

Did you know that many of our Block Parents are Police Officers, Teachers, Daycare owners, Seniors, Insurance company employees, Region of Waterloo employees, Hairstylists, Airline Captains,  At Home Parents, Scientists, Medical Care Workers, School Board Trustees, and many more?  So many of our Block Parents work and volunteer to ensure our community is a safe and healthy and active Region to live in.  Thanks Block Parents, you are ALL awesome!

Supportive and Engaged Block Parents

I am a Block Parent and I want to become more supportive and engaged, but how?

I want the Block Parent organization to flourish, but don’t have extra time to give, what can I do to help? 

It’s all about Social Media these days! 

Like our Facebook page and share our posts.  Add a post or start a conversation on LinkedIn.  Follow us on Twitter, retweet our tweets and “mention” us.  Check our website on a regular basis and forward our link to your networks.

Add our logo and social media links to your email signature.  Inform everyone you know that you are a Block Parent.

Put your sign in your window as often as you can.  A few hours a week, the weekends, school breaks and holidays.  Anytime is a good time to put up your sign!

Talk about the Block Parent Program to your friends and family, neighbours and coworkers.

Teach the children in your life about the Block Parent Program and about the safety tips we provide on our website.

When you do have the time, attend events like the BBQ’s, the Santa Claus Parade, board meetings and the Annual General Meeting.

Let us know what we can do to improve your experience as a Block Parent, ask to fill out a survey, or call and chat with me about the organization and its strengths and weaknesses. With only 8 Block Parent volunteers running the organization, we need you, the Block Parent, to advocate for your program.  The more engaged and connected you are, the more Block Parents you’ll help recruit.
Lots of exciting things are happening with our program, but most importantly, we’re looking very forward to working with you, our Supportive and Engaged Block Parents, to increase our numbers and to continue to create a healthy and active and SAFE community.
Help us promote the Block Parent Program. It's as easy as "liking" us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and connecting your networks to our website. Thank you for your support!
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Community Events

Block Parents have been busy attending community events to recruit new Block Parents and to educate the community on the benefits of the Block Parent Program. We recently attended:

Conestogo Public School: Council Presentation
Brigadoon Public School: Spring Fair Information Booth
Cambridge Self Help Food Bank: Block Parent Information Session
Jean Steckle Public School: Family Fun Night Information Booth
Crime Stoppers Cops and Robbers Fundraiser: Sponsor

Stay tuned for our Fall Volunteer Appreciation Pop-Up Events! 
Social Media

Our Social Media Coordinator has been doing a fantastic job on Twitter and Facebook.  Stay up to date and connected by "liking" us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.  Don’t forget to check our website for new information, activities for the kids, YouTube videos and news articles.
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Region of Waterloo
A special thank you to The Region for funding our organization and for your commitment to our success!
A thank you to our sponsors and “Friends of the Block Parent Program” for your time, treasure and talent!
Around KW
Franklin Self Storage
Welcome to Our New Directors

Azim, Dayna and Lindsay!

Welcome to Police Chief Bryan Larkin and thank you for your continued support of the Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program!
Retired Block Parents, thanks for your outstanding service!

Many thanks to those Block Parents who have retired from our program.  We appreciate your time with us, and a most sincere Thank You to Mr. and Mrs. Scheueremann, who retired after an amazing 39 years!
Myth Busters

I didn’t know that the Block Parent Program was still around?

Yes, we’ve been going strong in the Region since 1977 and we’ve expanded our program to include all members of the community, not just children.

I’m not home often enough to be a Block Parent.

Even if you’re home for only a few hours a week, the sign in your window indicates that a police screened adult is home to offer assistance to the members of our community, the sign acts as a crime deterrent and it shows that you care about your neighbours even when you have a busy schedule.
I’m a Senior and want to give back to the community but I can’t get out to meetings or events.

Seniors make the best Block Parents!  If you are often home, can answer the door and place a phone call, you will make a perfect Block Parent.  Don’t forget, you don’t have to let anyone into your house, you can speak to someone through a screen door or an open window.  AND when you’re not available, you can take your sign down so that you’re not disturbed.
Above: we proudly sponsored Waterloo Regional Crime Stoppers in the first annual Cops & Robbers Run. As a result we got to boast our logo on this awesome t-shirt! 

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