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November 2014

"Darren's songs are heartfelt with poignant lyrics, and a beautiful sensitive touch. We really enjoy it when he appears on the same stage as us." - Andy Powell, Wishbone Ash
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Hello and Welcome

This month we appear to be on tour in Lancashire! Not quite of course, but the live events are almost all focused in that part of the world, and boosted on this occasion by a one hour live interview and radio session for Chorley FM. The fabulous thing about the internet is that radio shows can be heard online worldwide.

There's two dates with Deaf School this month that I'm really looking forward to, and we've got a splendid New Years Eve booked in, so please do keep me in your thoughts and plans; it's always great to see you and share the live music experience.

Thanks and all good things as always,
Darren :-)

Poyzer, Fluff and Farrell
Live @ Royal Oak, Fleetwood

One of the surprisingly excellent gigs of the year was a 'fringe' gig in Fleetwood, that sat alongside the Fylde Folk Festival. We were welcomed by The Royal Oak as a trio, and enjoyed a humdinger of a good night. Fantastic it is then that we've been invited back, to help the wonderful landlady celebrate her first year anniversary at the venue.

The Royal Oak is one of those large pubs with a history, and for me personally, it's great to be a part of that history.

If you've seen the Poyzer, Fluff and Farrell trio, you'll know that a free admission Saturday gig with us is bound to be very special, and of course we'd love to make some new friends! 
  • Sat Nov 8th @ 9pm - Royal Oak, Fleetwood
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One Hour Live Radio Interview and Session

James Blatchley hosts a fine Folk radio show on Chorley FM, and this month he's been a decent fella and invited my good self to play live, and discuss in detail The War To End All Wars. I'm playing some songs live and acoustic, and we'll have some studio recordings on offer also.

I'm on straight from 8pm-9pm, and the second half of the radio show is dedicated to a celebration of Armistice, a Remembrance Day special on so many levels. Please do join us!
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The War To End All Wars - Performance Dates and Tickets
"A great and very thought provoking performance"

It's been a passionate, emotional roller coaster writing and performing this particular event, and it all comes to a year end at a most decent Armistice special in Hoghton, near Preston. Please come along to my self-penned, original music and narrative piece, which features authentic film footage:
  • Thurs Nov 13th @ 8.30pm - Gregson Lane Folk Club
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Deaf School + Darren Poyzer
Live in Manchester and Hebden Bridge

Deaf School are superb, described by some as an art -roock / indie band, but in my humble they are so much more. A superb and highly entertaining big band, who will leave lovers of great musician purring with delight!

I had the pleasure of opening the show for them a couple of years ago, and as I came off stage, Suggs from Madness greeted me with a nice cold beer and a thank you!
  • Fri Nov 21st @ 7.30pm - Manchester Academy
  • Sat Nov 22nd @ 8pm - Hebden Bridge Trades Club 
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Can I Interest You In A War Song or Two?

With Remembrance Day in our thoughts right now, I am slightly blessed to have written lots of songs from in and around the subject of conflict. These are the songs featured in The War To End All Wars, and one or two recordings feature outstanding performances from partner musicians and singers.
Speakers on, please enjoy:
Bookings and Availability - Trio / Duo / Solo

Event organisers, promoters and venues, please do have a look at us with a view to bookings for Autumn 2014, through 2015 and beyond. Lots of useful info and press kits, including hi-res photos and posters etc, are available via this link for:

About Me

My name is Darren Poyzer.

I am a singer and songwriter who regularly performs at live music events, both solo and with other musicians. I have written and perform a WW1 / Falklands Conflict themed small theatre event called 'The War To End All Wars, and for 2015 am working on a theme music event called 'Bloody Love Songs'.

Some days and evenings I work as a Special Education Needs Music Teacher, working mostly with Children In Care.

All Good Things and Thank You,
Darren :-)

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