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New Drone Ruling Imminent

Brigham McCown, former DOT exec, expects a significant ruling for small unmanned aircraft systems to be released within the next week. 

The critical new rule, commonly known as Part 107, will open the floodgates to the UAS community by removing many regulations from drones less than 55 lbs.

Check back on our website once the ruling is released for a detailed analysis.

Federal Environmental Regulators Dispel Fracking Fears


Last Month, the Obama Administration’s Bureau of Ocean EnergyManagement  (“BOEM”) and Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (“BSEE”) in a ruling found no significant environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing off the California shores. Read more in Forbes.

Angela Merkel Strikes Deal with German States to Put Brakes on Green Energy


The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has hammered out a deal with state premiers on the latest reform to Germany’s renewable energy law aimed at curbing the costs and controlling the speed of the roll-out of green power sources. Read more in the Guardian.

Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks: Are We Ready?


A recent Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) report indicates that the United States electric grid is still vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse attacks. The susceptibility of the grid to such a phenomenon is an out-of-the-box threat many regulators and policymakers have not adequately anticipated. Read more here.

Threats to U.S. Bulk Power Grid Revive Reliability Concerns


The sharp historical demarcation between federal- and state-regulated portions of the U.S. power grid needs to be rethought as local utilities see more rooftop solar and battery storage technologies in their service areas, according to grid officials and experts. Read more in E&E.

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