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January 2021

Zen just started on her 28 day Purification & Detoxification journey!
Watch her video to hear how she's been feeling! 

Are your ready to join her in this New Year?!
Scoop. Mix. Enjoy.

Start 2021 with a Healthier YOU!

It's important that we are feeling our best to take on the new year!

Over time, toxins accumulate in our body, leading to issues like fatigue, weight gain, and indigestion. To combat this toxin overload, we recommend our purification programs!

Read through our blog post to learn more:
Discover a Healthier Lifestyle with Purification
Metabolic Detoxification
is your body’s natural process of neutralizing and eliminating toxins from your body.

Our Purification Programs provides your body with the additional nutritional support it may need to metabolize and expel toxins safely during each of the three phases of metabolic detoxification.

These programs are created to easily be added into your daily regime and you can consult with our Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalis to get started!
How are you feeling after all the feasting during the holidays?
What are the benefits of detoxification?
How can I live a healthier lifestyle?
What can I expect to gain from this program?

Watch licensed acupuncturist Zen Tuan, as she discusses our daily toxic exposure, and how the Purification Program can lead to the better, healthier you!
Did you indulge in sweet desserts this past holiday season?
As we mentioned before, we are here to help you restart your body to take on the new year!
Meet one of our favorite supplements…  
Gymnema contains Gymnema leaf, which provides anti-sweetness activity by suppressing the ability to detect sweet tastes.
Gymnema is well known to help reduce sweet cravings & help suppress/inhibit sweet taste sensation!
Ready to stop those sugar cravings and start investing in your health?
Interested in improving your energy flow?
Try yoga! Meridian Yoga is a form of yoga that actively works with the same meridian system as acupuncture.
This form of yoga uses poses to activate and balance energy in the 14 meridian paths. These meridian paths are known as the energy pathways in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), they allow your body and energy to flow and function properly.
Meridian Yoga will improve the function of your organs and allow your body to be in its healthiest state physically and mentally. Check out some of the poses in our blog: 4 Meridian Yoga Poses to go with Acupuncture
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Neck & Back Pain Relief using Balance Method Acupuncture

The Healing Benefits of Cupping

Herbs to Boost the Immune System & Lung Function
We understand that during this time supplements will be sold out, so no need to fear as we can create a CUSTOMIZED HERBAL FORMULA just for you!
We’ll not only help boost your immune system, but also target any other health issues and support your body's current condition. Order your custom herbs here at Healing With Zen today! 💚
What Others Are Saying About Healing With Zen

- Stephen D.
I have done acupuncture before and it didn't address my issue. I then gave it another go with Zen and it was great, she definitely pinpointed where I needed help with and even told me about exercises to aid as well.... To continue reading this review, click here 

- Dean T.
Though I am quite new to acupuncture, I felt at ease with this practitioner. Her kind, understanding, and gentle personality combined with her passion for healing was comforting, especially in the face of something as unsettling as needless...
 To continue reading this review, click here 
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Ready to stop those sugar cravings?

We recommend trying
Gymnema is a dietary supplement 
  • Help reduce sweet cravings.
  • Help suppress/inhibit sweet taste sensation
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