What can a women's health physio do for you?
Did you know that 1 in every 3 women suffer from some bladder leakage? And as many as 75% of women will experience some degree of pelvic floor prolapse in their lifetime? What about that your pelvic floor muscles can actually be overactive! These issues are not talked about as much as many other health problems but are common and definitely not worth putting up with! Women’s Health Physiotherapy refers to all issues related to women including pelvic floor dysfunction and the management of these conditions unique to women. 
So what can we treat? 
Stress incontinence - Bladder leakage when you cough, sneeze, or during sports.
Urgency - A sudden urge to go to the toilet with little or no warning.
Frequency - Needing to go to the toilet too frequently throughout the day or  night.
Prolapse - A dragging or bulging sensation in the vagina
Pelvic pain, sexual pain or discomfort, muscular pain around or under the pelvis, or cramping and severe period pain
Who is at risk? 
Any woman who has been through childbirth will have had some weakening of their pelvic floor. Women who have had a more complicated birth especially involving the use of forceps, or suffered a tear during the birth are much more at risk of developing pelvic floor problems. The risk also increases for women with increasing number of births. Women going through menopause may also begin to notice pelvic floor problems even if they had no issues after having children. This is due to the decreased levels of the hormone oestrogen which causes weakening of the pelvic floor. Incontinence issues can also develop in women who have not had children, especially if they have a history of high impact exercise or gynaecological surgery such as a hysterectomy.
Pelvic pain disorders can often be caused by overactive and tight pelvic floor muscles which can happen to any women whether you have had children or not. Just like the pain you get in your neck and shoulders when your muscles are tight, if the pelvic floor muscles are tight for a long period they can contribute to chronic pelvic pain as well as pain with sex, inserting tampons and increased cramping with period pain and lower back pain.
women suffer in silence but there are many things which can be done to improve and often cure all of these common problems so don't hesitate to talk to Michelle our Women's Health physiotherapist.
$30 30minute post natal assessments with Michelle.
The thought of getting back into exercise after having a new baby can be very daunting.  Michelle at Auckland Physiotherapy can screen for pelvic floor issues and provide specific exercise advice to get you back on track safely. 

Call (09) 3664480 to book in!
FREE Exercise Class for Cancer Survivors!
The Next Steps class is part of the PINC Cancer Rehabilitation program and is specifically designed for women who have finished their treatment. It is a great fun class that aims to help with getting back in to exercise and combat some of the longer term effects of cancer treatments such as fatigue and pain.

We are starting our FREE
Next Steps class in our Papatoetoe clinic so call (09) 3664480 for more information and to secure a spot!
Best wishes, Mark, Katy, Helen, and the of the team at Auckland Physiotherapy
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