PurePoint Holiday Lecture Series

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Announcing the Holiday Season Lecture Series, I am unveiling my new holiday lecture series of my most asked questions and you are the first individuals to get a view at these topics!

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Holiday Lecture Series

Is Your Business a Soft Target?:
It's clear that places which were once the “Disneyland's of the world” are no longer as safe as they once were. The question remains, how can businesses and individuals protect themselves from these attacks? In this talk, I give the top seven ways to protect your business as a soft target. Want a sneak peek? Check out my article: The War on Soft Targets. Is Your Business Vulnerable? 

How to Travel Safely Anywhere:
I am often asked for advice as someone is preparing for an international trip. In this talk, I provide seven practical key learnings anyone traveling this holiday season can adopt to help stay safe when in familiar, or unfamiliar, locations.Want to learn more now? Click here: The Top 7 Ways to Travel Safely this Holiday Season

Cybersecurity and EMV Technology:
The banking industry is in the new evolution of building out a more secure and innovative payment system. Chip technology is embedded into newly reissued credit cards to make payments more secure. I will review the seven things you need to know as a business owner this holiday season. Curious and want to learn more now? Click here: The Consciously Secure Entrepreneur: Did You Hear About Eataly?

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Jessica Robinson, is a writer and Founder & CEO of PurePoint International. She has worked with a top 40 company and with the 2015 US Open. As a security & risk management expert and outsourced CSO (Chief Security Officer), she advises and consults with small and medium sized businesses on threat prevention and response. Learn more at

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