Getting Back to the Basics

September 2017

3, 2, 1...Zeroizing

Sometimes You Just Need to Go Back to the Beginning.
Within larger organizations, it's not unusual for people to come and go or move to different departments. When people migrate, it often leaves administration or IT with the task of cleaning up the loose ends left behind like sanitizing login info, resetting accounts and computers, and de- or re-provisioning equipment.

In an effort to help alleviate some of the work associated with this process, NocTel has added a new feature that allows for the zeroizing - also known as defaulting or resetting - of an extension. Zeroizing makes it easy for a user to return an extension to default settings without deleting and re-adding it to the account.

What zeroizing does:
  • Default all extension settings.
  • Delete all voicemails and faxes owned by this extension - please exercise diligence in case there are any items that should be kept.
  • Delete all recordings owned by this extension.
  • Clear speed dials.
  • Reset the inbound behavior.
  • Remove the extension from all classes.
  • Remove the extension from all hunt groups. 
The zeroize an extension feature can be accessed in the extension's permissions page in the control panel. A full article on zeroizing an extension can be found on the NocTel Support Knowledge Base. 

Ring Volume that Lasts! 

At NocTel, we listen to feedback making changes and developing features customers request. One of those requested features has been ring volume that persists through phone reboots. It's here now! Ring volume that users set on a device will now persist through reboots without any setting changes needed. The device's ring volume can also be adjusted on the extension's options page under the Ring Polycom Device widget in addition to setting it on the handset directly.

Happy Ask a Stupid Question Day

In honor of Ask a Stupid Question Day on September 28th, we would like to inform all our users that the support department will be closed for the day. Please hold your normal support questions until the 29th. 

Only joking! The root of Ask a Stupid Question Day started in the 80's when public school teachers were trying to encourage kids to ask questions and be inquisitive; knowing that kids can sometimes hold back in fear that the questions they are asking will be seen as stupid. 

So in that spirit, the support team welcomes you to ask those question about your phone system that you thought may be stupid. Just add "ASQD" to the subject of your non-critical support questions and we will do our best to answer them!

It's Blog Time! 

Have you checked out the NocTel Blog? Our team has some helpful and informative articles there for you spanning a variety of topics. This week we have a new article by Tristan on the importance of having a well-developed dial plan. Head on over to the NocTel Blog and check it out!
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