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Beautiful, Fast, Portable, and Powerful Reporting is Coming

October 2019

We know we've kept pretty quiet about things here, but we are excited to announce the beta development of NocTel's native reporting service Insight! NocTel Insight, like Flow and the control panel, lives on the internet and is accessed the same as both - all you need is a web browser, internet connectivity, and appropriate licensing set up to access. Over time we've received numerous requests from all manner of customer end users needing various reports. In many cases users have been looking for table reports similar to the Call Log view in the control panel, and others have come simply asking for Excel exports to do their own work with. Worse, we feared there could be a significant number of users not asking about reporting that need and want it. As we grow and develop new services for customers as well as refine and improve the existing, reporting is a need that will always exist that can help answer burning questions and even give rise to unexpected questions that might have otherwise never occurred.

With Insight we hope to bring the following features (but this list isn't exhaustive!):

-Single point of access for all NocTel reporting regardless of how many or how few services your organization is subscribed to.

-Federation of reporting access - not everyone needs to see everything and access can be set as granularly as needed.

-Standard reporting metrics for each NocTel service for quick out of box analysis.

-Ability to explore data with numerous options to filter data and quickly change visualization perspective. Want to see the data by month? Just click. Want to see it by year? Just click. Did we mention filtering and drilling down/up happen fast?

-Export capabilities to common formats to take just the visualization to be included in a presentation or official written report, take the data to Excel, and more.

-Intuitive presentation to best characterize trends and outliers including heat mapping, bar/line charts over intervals or sub intervals, multi-axis charts, subtotal and grand totals, and more. We're not trying to make things an eclectic tie dye of data that's painful to try to make sense of.

-A window into data we've never exposed before in the control panel or Flow, such as account device make, model, and firmware version to help managers and administrators audit deployed handsets. Ever wonder how many calls are reaching a particular Hunt Group and who answered? That's included. Have you ever asked yourself what the seasonality of call volume during the week is? Done. On a specific phone number? Already done.

-Personalized views of reports to bookmark specific filter options that can be shared with others. Set a particular set of filter options and make it your default view every time you open that report to get valuable information without the hassle of setting numerous filters. You can also create a series of views that let you jump between specific scopes of interest defined by combinations of filters.

-Subscription notices for reports to be informed of changes in the data over time.

-Mobile and Desktop aware views of reporting. We know one size doesn't necessarily fit all and certain reporting visualizations will accommodate the type of device for a better viewing and interaction experience. Because no one wants to try tapping a tiny control only to hit the wrong thing.

Availability of NocTel Insight
As noted in the announcement section, Insight is currently in closed beta meaning we're still actively developing new content and fine tuning developed content in partnership with a handful of qualified end users. With these partnered users and orgs we receive feedback to help drive development, usage, and presentation on changes we make and input on the things they want to see as representatives of the end user base at large. As designers and developers we have our own ideas of what we think is the right way to go...but we're also not always right. Early feedback on actual use experience and need helps ensure we're on the right track.

If you are interested in subscribing to the beta phase of development for Insight, please correspond with your account owner/administrator and notify us at where we will review and qualify your organization for participation. Please be aware there is limited availability for additional closed beta partners and certain terms and conditions do apply.

Once we have worked out the rough edges we hope to formally announce General Audience availability early 2020, though this projection is subject to change.
While the list above is pretty lengthy by itself, it's not everything. We understand that going from having near zero to a wide breadth and depth of reporting can be overwhelming. In coming months, we hope to provide more information on use cases, standard reporting, best practices, and more to keep you informed of development. It's often hard to imagine how a tool might help without guidance or a tour to create a frame of reference with.
Insight reporting uses NocTel's standard terminology for the services we offer. We do this because the same term can mean different things vendor to vendor and org to org, so wondering whose definition of a particular term is being used can be a bit difficult to navigate. Our comprehensive documentation on how to use NocTel Insight will help clearly define what's going into the underlying logic of many calculations. This can help you identify places where alternative calculations may need to be implemented in requested custom reporting.
Did you know all the images in this newsletter were generated with actual reports that have been implemented or in development in Insight? Forget the marketing hype - these screens are very close to what end users will actually see and interact with!
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