MARCH 2017


NEW FEATURES - Audit Reports!

We are always adding new features to make your phone system better. Use the button below to see how to set up audit reports to monitor changes in your account. 
Audit Report
Audit reports work great for large and small organizations by receiving instant, hourly, weekly, or monthly updates anytime a changes occur within your account on the NocTel Control Panel.  You can feel more at ease when you delegate the telephone management duties for your organization to other staff.

How NOT to Clean Your Phone!

For spring cleaning, NocTel does not recommend using the following methods on your desk phone: 
  • Putting it in the dishwasher (it's not dishwasher safe)
  • Bring it into the shower with you (no calls are that important)
  • Heating it to 165 in the oven (that's only good for chicken) 
  • Washing it in a creek with a washboard (the old southern way)
  • Pouring bleah over it (it ruins your desk and paperwork)
  • Spin cycle (very noisy for calls)
All kidding aside, these tips can make your phone nice and shiny again!

NocTel is Feature Rich!

NocTel has a number of features that you can use to make your phone system work for you.

Head over to our knowledge base and check out our how-to articles on creating advanced auto attendants and creating custom ring audio for hunt groups.

Our knowledge base is a great resource, and we are constantly adding articles to help you get the most out of your NocTel system!

Happy National Puppy Day! 

We like to keep the atmosphere at the NocTel office friendly, supportive, energetic, and we want to share that atmosphere with our customers in every interaction! What could be more friendly, supportive and energetic than puppies! National Puppy Day is March 23, so go adopt a puppy or 5, we are pretty sure it will be a good addition to the office, just don't let them chew on the phones.
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