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Equality and Housing Update

June 2015

Top Topics

Save the Date: What to Know: What to Read: What to Use What to Watch

Save the Date 

Accessible Housing Register Network
Facilitated by Tai Pawb
Date, venue and time TBC

The lastest meeting (originally due to be held on the 15th April) was held on 3rd June. The meeting will be looked at the reasonable refusals of offers of accommodation. This will include what is and is not a reasonable offer, how the decision is made and issues such as numbers of refusals.

Details of the next meeting will be circulated shortly.

This network is free to both members and non-members of Tai Pawb. For more information or to book a place please contact or telephone 029 2053 7634. Previous meeting information can be found here.

Welsh Housing Equality Network
Facilitated by Tai Pawb
Date, venue and time TBC

The most recent meeting of the Welsh Housing Equality Network took place on 22nd April 2015 in Cardiff. The meeting looked at Equality Impact Assessments and included a presentation by Chris York from Monmouthshire Housing and Matt O’Grady from Tai Pawb. There was also an opportunity to share good practice examples from different organisations.

Copies of the presentations from the meetings and an example Equality Impact Assessment from Monmouthshire are available on the Tai Pawb website.

Details of the next meeting will be available soon.


What to Know

Changes to Tai Pawb services and structure

Following a lengthy consultation with members, Tai Pawb has made changes to the services and membership packages that we offer. The changes relevant to your category of membership should have been communicated to you and the new packages are now in operation, meaning you are now able to take advantage of your new member benefits.

As part of this change, Tai Pawb has also reviewed it’s staffing structure. As well as the new Business Development Manager currently being recruited, Emma Reeves McAll has moved to the post of Policy and External Affairs Officer. Matt O’Grady and Mair Thomas will continue as Equality and Diversity Officers, albeit with slightly modified roles. Matt O’Grady will lead on training, whereas Mair Thomas will lead on our consultancy services, although both will continue to provide an element of all roles.

As part of this, those organisations who has Emma as their main contact will be divided between Matt and Mair. Organisations should have been notified of any change in their main contact. If you haven’t received this or would like any further information please call 02920 537630 or email

New Welsh Government guidance on self-evaluation produced

The Welsh Government has produced new guidance for housing associations undertaking self-evaluation under the Regulatory Framework.

The new guidance sets the core principles of self-evaluation and provides guidance on how to meet this. It also states how this should be part of strategic planning rather than being considered as an ‘event’ and that Associations must demonstrate how they are meeting the outcomes contained within the Regulatory Framework.
Tai Pawb is able to help support organisations in considering and evidencing equality and diversity as part of self-evaluation. We have a range of different training and consultancy services that would be useful including:
  • Evidencing Equal Outcomes training
  • Customer profiling training
  • Equality Impact Assessment training and support
  • Equality and Diversity Healthchecks
  • Review of Equality and Diversity strategies, policies and plans
 To discuss how Tai Pawb can help you with self-evaluation on equality and diversity, please call 02920 537630 or email

Cymorth Cymru launch ‘Let’s Keep on Supporting People campaign’

Cymorth Cymru have launched a new campaign to highlight the work and importance of Supporting People funding and the people who benefit from it.

They have produced a guide for members to enable them support the campaign and increase awareness of Supporting People, including details on the impact of Supporting People, how to gather case studies for the campaign and how to talk to decisions makers about the role of Supporting People funding.

You can find a copy of their guide for members as well as more information about their campaign here.

New website for Come on Board project

Community Housing Cymru and Tai Pawb have recently launched a new website for Come on Board. The website contains information for those interested in joining housing association boards on what the role entails and how to apply for the Come on Board Scheme. You can find the website here.

This is supplemented by our new support that can help organisations work on improving their board diversity. This includes our Board Diversity Healthcheck (to help you understand the diversity of your current board), Board Diversity Training and our Board Diversity Support Framework.

To find out more about the support we can offer to organisations looking to increase their board level knowledge of equality and diversity, please contact or call 02920 537630.

Welsh Government Hate Crime and Hate Incidents Survey 

The Welsh Government have produced a short new survey to help them understand the experiences of victims of hate crime and what can potentially be done differently in the future. The survey can be found here.

Tell us about your good practice

We are always interested in finding out about the variety of work our members are doing to promote equality and community cohesion in Wales. Tai Pawb is particularly interested in hearing about projects or work going on in North Wales and South West Wales. If you have a project or work that you would like to share please drop us a line on 02920537630 or e-mail us.

Case Law

Disability discrimination goes to full trial
Nearly Legal has analysis of the Supreme Court case Akerman-Livingstone v Aster Communities Ltd [2015] UKSC 15. This case involved a review of a decision by the Court of Appeal that discrimination cases should be summarily assessed on the “seriously arguable” test. There is also coverage on Inside Housing.

Considering DLA as income for the purposes of DHP
Nearly legal also has analysis of the case Hardy, R (on the application of) v Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council [2015] EWHC 890 which was a challenge to a local authority who counted the care component of Disability Living Allowance as income when assessing entitlement to a Discretionary Housing Payment.

What to Read

Tai Pawb response to the Welsh Government Private Sector Code of Practice for Landlords and Agents consultation

Tai Pawb has responded to the recent Welsh Government consultation on the Private Sector Code of Practice for Landlords and Agents.

Our view was that the draft code of practice failed to provide sufficient information to landlords about their responsibilities on equality and diversity. The statutory section of the document should reference the Equality Act 2010, with particular regards to the types of discrimination that are unlawful and landlords and agents responsibilities to provide reasonable adjustments. The best practice section also needed to contain information on what landlords can do to better support their diverse tenants.

Tai Pawb recommended that a specific section on equality and diversity should be added to the Code of Practice.

Our consultation response is available here.

The original Welsh Government consultation document is available here.

Access to support and justice for older victims of crime and abuse

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales has produced a research report entitled ‘Crimes against, and abuse of, older people in Wales: Access to support and justice: working together’. One of their recommendations is that “Housing authorities and services should be given more training and be more actively involved in safeguarding older people.”

You can read the full report here.

Experiences of male victims of domestic abuse

Inside Housing has an article on the experiences of male victims of domestic abuse and the challenges caused by a lack of funding and gendered services. The article discusses how cuts to services are only making the situation more difficult and highlights the fact that there are only 15 places of safety for men across the whole of the UK. It specifically looks at the experiences of ‘Freddie’, a user of the Rejuvenate project run by Home Group Worcester.

The article also highlights how a lack of information on need means there is little evidence base to justify many local authorities investing in new provision. However according to the NHS one in six men report emotional or physical harm from a partner.

You can read the full article here, however an Inside Housing login is required.  

EHRC call for evidence on Religion or Belief findings

The Equality and Human Rights Commission have released a report containing their findings from their recent call for evidence on the experiences of individuals, employers and service providers around religion and belief in the workplace and service delivery. 

You can find a copy of the report on the EHRC website.

What to Use

New Equality and Diversity Handbook for Care and Repair Agency Staff launched

Care and Repair Cymru have launched a new Care & Repair Equality and Diversity Handbook intended to be a practical guide for their agency staff to use in their day to day work. The guide was produced with the assistance of Tai Pawb and contains information on diversity in older people as well as practical tips for staff.

A copy of the guide can be found here.

Department of Work and Pensions guidance on Personal Budgeting Support and Alternative Payment Arrangements under Universal Credit

The Department of Work and Pensions has produced guidance on the Department’s approach to Personal Budgeting Support and Alternative Payment Arrangements, including when they can be considered, how to make requests and factors that will be considered.

The guidance can be found here.

What to Watch

EHRC Wales Annual human rights lecture - Islamophobia: a human rights perspective

The Equality and Human Rights Commission Wales recently held their annual lecture in Cardiff on impact of negative attitudes and hostility towards Muslim people and the relationship between discrimination and human rights. The event was held in partnership with the Cardiff University Islam - UK Centre.

You can watch a video of the lecture here.

If you have any queries or would like this information in an alternative format please get in touch by contacting us.

E-mail: , Tel: 02920537630,  Fax: 02920665698

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Gweld y neges e-bost hon yn eich porwr

Diweddariad Cydraddoldeb a Thai

Mehefin 2015

Prif Bynciau

Neilltuwch y Dyddiad: Beth i wybod: Beth i ddarllen: Beth i ddefnyddio: Beth i wylio:

Cofiwch y Dyddiad

Y Rhwydwaith Cofrestr Tai Hygyrch 
Wedi'i Hwyluso gan Tai Pawb

Cynhaliwyd y cyfarfod diweddaraf (a oedd i’w gynnal yn wreiddiol ar 15fed Ebrill) ar 3ydd Mehefin.  Bydd y cyfarfod yn edrych ar y gwrthodiadau rhesymol o gynigion am lety.  Bydd hyn yn cynnwys beth sydd a beth sydd ddim yn gynnig rhesymol, sut mae’r penderfyniad yn cael ei wneud a phroblemau megis y nifer o wrthodiadau.

Bydd manylion y cyfarfod nesaf yn cael eu cylchredeg cyn bo hir.

Mae’r rhwydwaith hwn yn rhad ac am ddim i aelodau ac i’r rhai nad ydyn nhw’n aelodau o Tai Pawb fel ei gilydd.  Am fwy o wybodaeth neu er mwyn archebu lle, cysylltwch ag neu ffoniwch 029 2053 7634. Gellir darganfod gwybodaeth am y cyfarfod blaenorol yma.

Rhwydwaith Cydraddoldeb Tai Cymru
Wedi'i hwyluso gan Tai Pawb

Cynhaliwyd y cyfarfod mwyaf diweddar o Rwydwaith Cydraddoldeb Tai Cymru ar 22ain Ebrill 2015 yng Nghaerdydd.  Roedd y cyfarfod yn edrych ar Asesiadau Effaith Cydraddoldeb ac roedd yn cynnwys cyflwyniad gan Chris York o Dai Sir Fynwy a Matt O’Grady o Tai Pawb. Yn ogystal, roedd cyfle i rannu enghreifftiau o ymarfer da o wahanol sefydliadau.

Mae copïau o gyflwyniadau’r cyfarfodydd ac enghraifft o Asesiad Effaith Cydraddoldeb o Sir Fynwy ar gael ar wefan Tai Pawb.

Bydd manylion y cyfarfod nesaf ar gael yn fuan.



Pethau i'w Gwybod

Newidiadau i wasanaethau a strwythur Tai Pawb

Yn dilyn ymgynghoriad hirfaith gydag aelodau, mae Tai Pawb wedi gwneud newidiadau i’r gwasanaethau a’r pecynnau aelodaeth yr ydym yn eu cynnig. Dylai’r newidiadau sy’n berthnasol i’ch categori aelodaeth chi fod wedi cael eu hanfon atoch ac mae’r pecynnau newydd yn awr yn weithredol, sy’n golygu eich bod yn gallu manteisio ar eich buddion aelodaeth newydd ar hyn o bryd.

Yn ogystal, fel rhan o’r newid hwn, mae Tai Pawb wedi adolygu ei strwythur staff.  Yn ogystal â’r Rheolwr Datblygu Busnes newydd sy’n cael ei recriwtio ar hyn o bryd, mae Emma Reeves McAll wedi symud i swydd Swyddog Polisi a Materion Allanol. Bydd Matt O’Grady a Mair Thomas yn parhau fel Swyddogion Cydraddoldeb ac Amrywiaeth, er y bydd ganddyn nhw swyddogaethau ychydig yn wahanol. Bydd Matt O’Grady yn arwain ar hyfforddi, tra bydd Mair Thomas yn arwain ar wasanaethau ymgynghori, er y bydd y ddau yn parhau i ddarparu elfen o’r holl swyddogaethau.

Fel rhan o hyn, bydd y sefydliadau hynny y mae Emma yn brif gyswllt iddyn nhw yn cael eu rhannu rhwng Matt a Mair. Dylai sefydliadau fod wedi cael eu hysbysu o unrhyw newid yn eu prif gyswllt. Os nad ydych wedi derbyn manylion am hyn neu os hoffech dderbyn unrhyw wybodaeth bellach, dylech ffonio 02920 537630 neu anfon e-bost at

Llywodraeth Cymru yn cynhyrchu canllawiau newydd ar hunanwerthuso

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi cynhyrchu canllawiau newydd ar gyfer cymdeithasau tai sy’n ymgymryd â hunanwerthuso o dan y Fframwaith Rheoleiddiol.

Mae’r canllawiau newydd yn amlinellu’r egwyddorion craidd o hunanwerthuso ac yn darparu canllawiau ar sut i gwrdd â hyn.  Yn ogystal, mae’n datgan sut y dylai hyn fod yn rhan o gynllunio strategol yn hytrach na chael ei ystyried fel ‘digwyddiad’ ac mae’n rhaid i Gymdeithasau ddangos sut y maen nhw’n cwrdd â’r canlyniadau sydd yn y Fframwaith Rheoleiddiol.

Mae Tai Pawb yn gallu helpu i gefnogi sefydliadau wrth ystyried a thystio cydraddoldeb ac amrywiaeth fel rhan o hunanwerthuso. Mae gennym amrediad o wasanaethau hyfforddi ac ymgynghori gwahanol a fyddai’n ddefnyddiol, yn cynnwys:
  • Tystiolaeth o hyfforddiant Canlyniadau Cyfartal
  • Hyfforddiant ar Broffilio’r Cwsmer
  • Hyfforddiant a chefnogaeth mewn Asesiad Effaith Cydraddoldeb
  • Archwiliadau iechyd Cydraddoldeb ac Amrywiaeth
  • Adolygiad o strategaethau, polisïau a chynlluniau Cydraddoldeb ac Amrywiaeth
Er mwyn trafod sut y gall Tai Pawb eich helpu chi gyda hunanwerthuso ar gydraddoldeb ac amrywiaeth, ffoniwch 02920 537630 neu anfonwch e-bost at os gwelwch yn dda.

Cymorth Cymru yn lansio ymgyrch 'Gadewch i Ni Barhau i Gefnogi Pobl'

Mae Cymorth Cymru wedi lansio ymgyrch newydd i dynnu sylw at waith a phwysigrwydd o gyllid Cefnogi Pobl a’r bobl sy’n cael budd ohono. Maen nhw wedi cynhyrchu canllawiau i aelodau er mwyn eu galluogi i gefnogi’r ymgyrch a chynyddu ymwybyddiaeth Cefnogi Pobl, yn cynnwys manylion ar yr effaith o Gefnogi Pobl, sut i gasglu astudiaethau achos ar gyfer yr ymgyrch a sut i siarad gyda gwneuthurwyr penderfyniadau ynglŷn â swyddogaeth cyllido Cefnogi Pobl.

Gallwch ddod o hyd i gopi o’u canllawiau ar gyfer aelodau yn ogystal â mwy o wybodaeth ynglŷn â’u hymgyrch yma.

Gwefan newydd ar gyfer prosiect Dewch ar y Bwrdd

Mae Tai Cymunedol Cymru a Tai Pawb wedi lansio gwefan newydd yn ddiweddar ar gyfer Dewch ar y Bwrdd.  Mae’r wefan yn cynnwys gwybodaeth i’r rhai hynny gyda diddordeb mewn ymuno â byrddau cymdeithasau tai a beth mae’r swyddogaeth yn ei olygu a sut i ymgeisio am y Cynllun Dewch ar y Bwrdd. Gallwch ddod o hyd i’r wefan yma.

Ychwanegir at hyn gan ein cefnogaeth newydd a all helpu sefydliadau weithio ar wella amrywiaeth eu bwrdd. Mae hyn yn cynnwys ein Harchwiliad Iechyd i Amrywiaeth ein Bwrdd (er mwyn eich helpu i ddeall amrywiaeth eich bwrdd presennol), Hyfforddiant Amrywiaeth y Bwrdd a’n Fframwaith Cefnogi Amrywiaeth y Bwrdd.

Er mwyn darganfod mwy am y gefnogaeth y gallwn ni ei chynnig i sefydliadau sydd eisiau cynyddu gwybodaeth o gydraddoldeb ac amrywiaeth ar lefel eu bwrdd, cysylltwch ag neu ffoniwch 02920 537630.

Arolwg Troseddau Casineb a Digwyddiadau Casineb Llywodraeth Cymru

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi cynhyrchu arolwg newydd byr er mwyn eu helpu i ddeall profiadau dioddefwyr troseddau casineb a beth a ellir ei wneud yn wahanol o bosibl yn y dyfodol.

Gellir dod o hyd i'r arolwg yma.

Dywedwch wrthym ni am eich ymarfer da

Rydym yn awyddus bob amser i glywed am waith amrywiol ein haelodau i hybu cydraddoldeb a chydlyniant cymunedol yng Nghymru. Mae Tai Pawb yn arbennig o awyddus i glywed am brosiectau neu waith sy’n cael ei wneud yn y Gogledd a’r De Orllewin. Felly, os oes gennych chi brosiect neu waith yr hoffech ei rannu â ni, anfonwch air atom yn 02920537630 neu e-bostiwch.

Cyfraith Achos

Gwahaniaethu ar sail anabledd yn mynd yn brawf llawn

Mae gan Nearly Legal ddadansoddiad o achos yn y Goruchaf Lys Akerman-Livingstone v Aster Communities Ltd [2015] UKSC 15. Roedd yr achos hwn yn cynnwys adolygiad o benderfyniad gan y Llys Apêl y dylai achosion gwahaniaethu gael eu hasesu’n gryno ar y prawf “y gellid dadlau amdano’n ddifrifol”. Yn ogystal, rhoddir sylw i hyn yn Inside Housing.

Ystyried Lwfans Byw i'r Anabl fel incwm ar gyfer dibenion Taliadau Tai yn ôl Disgresiwn

Yn ogystal, mae gan Nearly Legal ddadansoddiad o achos Hardy, R (ar gais) v Cyngor Bwrdeistref Fetropolitanaidd Sandwell [2015] EWHC 890 a oedd yn her i awdurdod lleol a oedd wedi cyfrif y gydran ofal o Lwfans Byw i’r Anabl fel incwm wrth asesu hawl i Daliad Tai yn ôl Disgresiwn.


Ymateb Tai Pawb i Gôd Ymarfer Sector Preifat Llywodraeth Cymru ar gyfer ymgynghoriad Landlordiaid ac Asiantwyr

Mae Tai Pawb wedi ymateb i ymgynghoriad diweddar gan Lywodraeth Cymru ar Gôd Ymarfer y Sector Breifat ar gyfer Landlordiaid ac Asiantwyr.

Ein barn ni oedd bod y côd ymarfer drafft wedi methu â darparu digon o wybodaeth i landlordiaid ynglŷn â’u cyfrifoldebau ar gydraddoldeb ac amrywiaeth.  Dylai adran statudol y ddogfen gyfeirio at Ddeddf Cydraddoldeb 2010, gan roi sylw arbennig i’r mathau o wahaniaethu sy’n anghyfreithlon a chyfrifoldebau landlordiaid ac asiantwyr i ddarparu addasiadau rhesymol.  Yn ogystal, roedd angen i’r adran ymarfer gorau gynnwys gwybodaeth ar beth y gall landlordiaid ei wneud yn well er mwyn cefnogi eu gwahanol denantiaid yn well.

Argymhellodd Tai Pawb y dylid ychwanegu adran benodol ar gydraddoldeb ac amrywiaeth i’r Côd Ymarfer.

Mae ein hymateb i’r ymgynghoriad ar gael yma.

Mae dogfen ymgynghori wreiddiol Llywodraeth Cymru ar gael yma.

Mynediad at gefnogaeth a chyfiawnder ar gyfer pobl hŷn sy’n dioddef troseddau a cham-drin

Mae Comisiynydd Pobl Hŷn Cymru wedi cynhyrchu adroddiad ymchwil o’r enw ‘Troseddau yn Erbyn, a Cham-drin, Pobl Hŷn yng Nghymru: Cael Cymorth a Chyfiawnder: Cydweithio’. Un o’u hargymhellion yw y “Dylai awdurdodau a gwasanaethau tai dderbyn mwy o hyfforddiant a bod ynghlwm yn fwy gweithredol â diogelu pobl hŷn.” Gallwch ddarllen yr adroddiad llawn yma.

Profiadau dynion sy’n dioddef cam-drin domestig

Mae gan Inside Housing erthygl ar brofiadau dynion sy’n ddioddef cam-drin domestig a’r heriau sydd wedi cael eu hachosi gan ddiffyg cyllid a gwasanaethau ar sail rhyw. Mae’r erthygl yn trafod sut mae toriadau i wasanaethau ond yn gwneud y sefyllfa yn llawer mwy anodd, ac yn tynnu sylw at y ffaith mai 15 o leoedd diogel yn unig sydd yna ar gyfer dynion drwy’r DU.  Mae’n edrych yn benodol ar brofiadau ‘Freddie’, defnyddiwr o brosiect Rejuvenate sy’n cael ei redeg gan Grŵp Cartref Worcester.

Yn ogystal, mae’r erthygl yn tynnu sylw at sut y mae diffyg gwybodaeth am angen yn golygu mai ychydig o sail tystiolaeth sydd ar gael i gyfiawnhau i lawer o awdurdodau lleol fuddsoddi mewn darpariaeth newydd. Fodd bynnag, yn ôl y GIG un mewn chwech o ddynion sy’n adrodd am niwed emosiynol neu gorfforol gan bartner.

Gallwch ddarllen yr erthygl lawn yma; fodd bynnag, mae angen mewngofnodi gydag Inside Housing.  

Mae’r Comisiwn Cydraddoldeb a Hawliau Dynol yn galw am dystiolaeth ar ganfyddiadau Crefydd neu Gred

Mae’r Comisiwn Cydraddoldeb a Hawliau Dynol wedi rhyddhau adroddiad yn cynnwys eu canfyddiadau o’u galwad diweddar am dystiolaeth ar brofiadau unigolion, cyflogwyr a darparwyr gwasanaethau ynglŷn â chrefydd a chred yn y gweithle a chyflawni gwasanaethau. 

Gallwch ddod o hyd i gopi o’r adroddiad ar wefan Comisiwn Cydraddoldeb a Hawliau Dynol.


Llawlyfr Cydraddoldeb ac Amrywiaeth newydd ar gyfer Staff Asiantaeth Gofal a Thrwsio wedi cael ei lansio

Mae Gofal a Thrwsio Cymru wedi lansio llawlyfr newydd ar Gydraddoldeb ac Amrywiaeth Gofal a Thrwsio sydd wedi’i fwriadu i fod yn ganllawiau ymarferol ar gyfer eu defnyddio gan staff eu hasiantaeth yn eu gwaith o ddydd i ddydd.  Cynhyrchwyd y canllaw gyda chymorth Tai Pawb ac mae’n cynnwys gwybodaeth ar amrywiaeth mewn pobl hŷn yn ogystal ag awgrymiadau ymarferol i staff.

Gallwch ddod o hyd i gopi o’r canllawiau yma.

Canllawiau’r Adran Gwaith a Phensiynau ar Gefnogaeth Cyllidebu Personol a Threfniadau Talu Amgen o dan Gredyd Cynhwysol

Mae Adran Gwaith a Phensiynau wedi cynhyrchu canllawiau ar ddull yr Adran tuag at Gefnogaeth Cyllidebu Personol a Threfniadau Talu Amgen, yn cynnwys pryd y gallan nhw gael eu hystyried, sut i wneud ceisiadau a ffactorau a fydd yn cael eu hystyried.

Gellir dod o hyd i’r canllawiau yma.


Darlith Flynyddol ar hawliau dynol gan Gomisiwn Cydraddoldeb a Hawliau Dynol Cymru - Islamoffobia: persbectif hawliau dynol

Yn ddiweddar, cynhaliodd Comisiwn Cydraddoldeb a Hawliau Dynol Cymru eu darlith flynyddol yng Nghaerdydd ar effaith agweddau negyddol a gelyniaeth tuag at bobl Fwslimaidd a’r berthynas rhwng gwahaniaethu a hawliau dynol. Cynhaliwyd y digwyddiad mewn partneriaeth â Chanolfan Islam - DU Prifysgol Caerdydd.

Gallwch chi wylio fideo o’r ddarlith yma.

Os oes gennych chi unrhyw ymholiadau neu os hoffech chi'r wybodaeth hon mewn fformat arall, rhowch wybod drwy gysylltu â ni.
Ffôn: 02920537630, 
Ffacs: 02920665698

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