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Bon Accord, based in Aberdeen, have many years experience and a broad knowledge of Petrochemical supply from a constant half million £ fastener Stock holding containing Studbolts, Anco Nuts along with a complete fastener range. Bon Accords in-house Coating Division can supply in Zinc, Phosphate, PTFE, Moly-Cote, ZRC Galvilite, Zinc Nickel Plating, and have a variety of manufacturing capabilities allied to a large stock of Bolt Blanks and Bar Materials.

TFC is a leading Global supplier of technical fastener components to the Oil & Gas industry, with an unrivalled reputation for delivering innovative quality products, supply solutions, and exemplary service. The UK provider of Smalley spring product range, Spirolox Retaining Rings, Laminar Seal Rings and unique space saving Wave Springs. 

Heads & Allthreads are well placed to service the needs of our global customers through strategically placed distribution centres in the UK, Czech Republic, Poland, India and Asia. Heads & Allthreads have been involved with many Gas and Oil fastener projects from Oil refineries, Oil fields, off-shore rigs, Gas processing plants and fasteners for refurbishment. Meeting the urgent demands of the Petrochemical industry with Service. 

Socket & Allied has the manufacturing capability of producing high volume, low-cost precision engineered components and are well placed to service the needs of our International customers. Socket & Allied have been involved with the Gas and Oil fastener industry for many years offering an extended service to all parts of the industry. 

Fastener Grades
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Metal Nut Family
Fastener Quality
Fastener Materials
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Skilled fastener distributors and manufacturers who have fully trained staff, capable of working with technical specifications and understand the quality needs of the Petrochemical industry. Fastener companies that understand the industry need for quality documentation storage and retrieval. Manufacturers and Fastener distributors who work to EN 10204 understand the difference between a 3.1 and 3.2 certs and the quality approval organisations connected with this industry.

Studs and stud bolting petrochemical grades:

B7, B7M, L7, L7M,
B16, B6, B8, B8C 304, B8 C12, B8M, 316, B8M
CL2, B8T, 2H, 2HM, 4, 7, 7M, 8, 8C, 8A, 8M, 8MA, 8T



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Fastener product specific information, fastener drawings and relevant fastener data, marketed from one of the most extensive fastener supply and fastening user databases. Fastener source of supply, specific to fastener products and fastener supply categories.
Comprehensive database of all fastener, fixings and fastenings data, fastener information, related fastener dimensional tables and detailed drawings of fasteners. Fastener standards and fastener non standards, every piece of fastener data you will need. Fastener companies are adding their own unique fastener products to the fastener data website, the fastener site is growing daily. Fasteners consist of hexagon Bolts and bolts with various heads, Socket head screws Allen type, a diverse range of screws and the washers and nuts to go with them. Threads range from BSF British standard fine thread and BSW British standard Whitworth to American UNC and UNF threads; not to forget Metric threads in coarse, fine and extra fine threads. Fasteners are produced by cold forging, hot forging and bright turning. fasteners are not restricted to threaded bolts and screw, they extend to rivets, circlips, dowels and other pins.
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