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Aerospace fasteners and this specific distribution and manufacturing industry evolved in harmony with the aerospace industry. Development of aircraft for commercial, military and business use, along with ballistic missiles and rockets, exerts significant performance pressure on aircraft fasteners. Fasteners are required to be highly durable to withstand extreme gravitational stresses. Even though fasteners account for less than three percent of aircraft manufacturing cost, they represent essential components that influence the overall safety and efficiency of an aircraft. The aerospace sector uses a variety of fasteners for example bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, collars, screws, spacers and pins. All these fasteners are required to be certified to rigorous standards managing their production and use.
Fasteners are critical components fixing or holding together two openings of a part. Advances in the aerospace fastening technology have enabled these components to be incredibly resilient, providing high levels secure and safe connections or joints. Advances in precision engineering have allowed manufacturers to develop custom fastening products based on national and international requirements. Furthermore, improvements in technology allow greater focus on quality and the function of fasteners to conform to the increased emphasis on safety and security of aircraft components. Robotic fastening processes are contributing benefits and reducing the cost of airframe assembly labour, reduced variability in assembly, as well as improved assembly throughput, are growing in popularity.

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Fastener product specific information, fastener drawings and relevant fastener data, marketed from one of the most extensive fastener supply and fastening user databases. Fastener source of supply, specific to fastener products and fastener supply categories.
Comprehensive database of all fastener, fixings and fastenings data, fastener information, related fastener dimensional tables and detailed drawings of fasteners. Fastener standards and fastener non standards, every piece of fastener data you will need. Fastener companies are adding their own unique fastener products to the fastener data website, the fastener site is growing daily. Fasteners consist of hexagon Bolts and bolts with various heads, Socket head screws Allen type, a diverse range of screws and the washers and nuts to go with them. Threads range from BSF British standard fine thread and BSW British standard Whitworth to American UNC and UNF threads; not to forget Metric threads in coarse, fine and extra fine threads. Fasteners are produced by cold forging, hot forging and bright turning. fasteners are not restricted to threaded bolts and screw, they extend to rivets, circlips, dowels and other pins.
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