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Dedicated to creating a safe and humane environment for people, pets and wildlife through education and trapping regulation reform.

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Taking a Big Leap Into the New Year

Making Fresh Tracks 


This past year, Wyoming Untrapped (WU) continued to move trapping reform forward on a fast track. Our new full time Program Director, Kristin Combs, helped step up our pace as we presented four Pet Trap Release Workshops statewide, met with the wildlife legislative committee resulting in a new bill to be introduced in January, initiated a new WGFD regulation to legalize pet removal from traps, hosted Photographic Stories From the Field advocacy presentation to share the value of our furbearers, educated the public about mesopredators at the JH Wild Science Festival, and moved various other projects forward.

We plan to take a big leap in the New Year by teaching mesopredator awareness in the local schools, creating short films for sharing the need for wildlife management reform, and collaborating with new partners.  

Our goal is to promote an overall ethic of compassionate conservation for our wildlife and other natural resources. Read our guest blog about the wonder of our smaller, more common wild creatures.

We are currently blazing a new trail to address predator killing contests and end these events that are built on fun and prizes.  We want to ensure that all wildlife management is based on a sound science foundation. Read our blog on these events, and look for updates in the near future on our current action.

Wyoming Untrapped, the only organization in our state dedicated to this mission, will continue to take the reality of trapping and wildlife management to the forefront of the public eye and to ensure the dialog remains ignited surrounding the need to bring trapping reform and wildlife management into the 21st century.  We are consistently raising awareness and seeking to reform state wildlife policies.

We can only achieve our goals with your continued support.  Please consider WU in your holiday giving. Any donation, no matter the amount will go directly to protecting wildlife. 

Wishing each of you a wild, free and peaceful holiday season.

With sincere gratitude, 

Lisa Robertson, President
& the WU Board of Directors
Kristin Combs, Program Director


Our Path to a Safe and Humane Environment
A Retrospective 2016

Photographic Stories from the Field
Trap Release Workshop
Incident Database for Awareness & Safety

Kill Us And You Could Be Killing A Big Part of Our Economy

No other state in the lower 48 has the wildlife we have. It's what makes this place special. Tourism is Wyoming's second largest industry. And wildlife viewing is a big chunk of that. It's vital to our economy to sustain a diverse, thriving wildlife population. If you agree that our wildlife is more valuable alive and protected rather than cruelly exploited, please donate to Wyoming Untrapped. And help us make trapping reform a reality. 
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** Wyoming Untrapped is dedicated to creating a safe and humane environment
for people, pets and wildlife through education and trapping regulation reform.**

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