A Heartfelt Thank You
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Wyoming Untrapped
      Lina Collado and best friend in Bridger Teton National Forest, WY.......wild, free, and untrapped
Photo by Cole Buckhart

 Stepping Into Trapping Reform!

Your Take-Action comments counted!  We have reached one of the first small steps to meaningful reform to allow the release of a pet or livestock from a trap or snare. Actions taken by Wyoming Untrapped have led the legislative committee which governs wildlife to encourage the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) and Game Commission to redefine tamper in order to remove the civil liability of an individual who releases any non-predatory or non-furbearing animal from a trap or snare.  After working through the public comment process, the WGFD made revisions to the trapping regulations to allow the removal of any pet or livestock from a trap or snare. The next step will require legislative action in the new year. We celebrate these small steps and thank all who submitted comments and spoke up for Wyoming's pet owners!

Thank you to everyone who attended our local and statewide trap release workshops, Old Bill's Fun Run, the Photographic Stories from the Field advocacy presentation at the Center for the Arts and the Jackson Hole Wild Science Festival. These events were all a smashing success with new supporters joining us locally and across the state. Stay tuned for more dedicated and focused advocacy and educational events in the year ahead.
Please consider investing in Wyoming Untrapped and our Wyoming wildlife by DONATING to our journey to move trapping reform forward.

As always, thank you for your support; past, present and future. We wish you, our pets and wildlife a healthy, safe, wild and free Thanksgiving holiday!

Lisa Robertson
& Board of Directors
Wyoming Untrapped

 More Ways to Take Action

 Your action is requested on several initiatives we are
monitoring to protect our wildlife nationwide.  
House Appropriations Bill
The Endangered Species Act is under attack.  Many anti-wildlife riders are being added to must-pass spending bills in Congress.  Encourage your representatives to oppose any anti-Endangered Species Act riders to the House Appropriations Bill.  
Alaskan Anti-Predator Riders to House Bill 5538
A pending appropriations bill would reverse new restrictions on egregious predator control measures in Alaska's national refuges and preserves, restrictions which Alaskans have said they overwhelmingly support. Tell your Senators to oppose this amendment.
Public Safety and Wildlife Protection Act (H.R. 5560)
This act would ban the import, export, and interstate commerce of both steel-jaw leghold traps and Conibear traps: two of the most vicious, indiscriminate, and widely-used traps in the U.S.   Please urge your U.S. representative to cosponsor this vitally important bill! 
L.I.F.T Act (H.R. 5954)
This bill would severely restrict the use of "body gripping traps," including leghold traps, Conibear traps and snares on federal lands.  This bill seeks to reform Wildlife Services and restrict the methods they use to kill millions of animals each year.
Find Your Federal Representatives
#Giving Tuesday
Join the country in celebrating this dedicated day of giving by showing your support for compassion for wildlife during #GivingTuesday on November 29.  Over the last four years, this grassroots effort has transformed into a global movement,
sustained almost entirely through social media.
We wish you, our pets and wildlife a healthy, safe, wild and free Thanksgiving holiday! 
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