New Legislative Bill to Allow Trapping and Snaring of Mountain Lions
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A Bill is Being Considered by the Wyoming Legislature Which Would Legalize Trapping and Snaring of Mountain Lions! 
Mountain Lions Are Already Hunted With Hounds

Wyoming Untrapped received alarming news about a bill being considered by the Wyoming Legislature which would legalize trapping and snaring of mountain lions, already hunted by using dogs. HB0012 is co-sponsored by Rep. Jim Allen, R-Lander, along with Rep. Hans Hunt, Senate Republicans Eli Bebout and Larry Hicks.

Wyoming Untrapped strongly opposes HB0012 to allow trapping and snaring of mountain lions. In light of the recent widespread uptick in awareness, by people everywhere, about the extreme and unnecessary suffering inflicted upon our wildlife by trapping, we find it unconscionable that Wyoming politicians would seek to expand trapping opportunity to include mountain lions. The indiscriminate nature of trapping interferes with science based population management of our carnivores, and allows unknown loss of non-target species.

This mountain lion escaped with the trap still attached. Loss of teeth or claws could result in malnourishment and ultimately, death. Shared by Footloose Montana.

WU is reaching out to our Wyoming supporters, requesting take-action comments to your state Legislators in opposition of HB0012. Our friends at The Cougar Fund have made it easy for you to comment by compiling excellent talking points on their ACTION-ALERT, along with Wyoming Legislator contact details. Our Legislators are more likely to acknowledge and respond to local resident comments.  Please take the time to contact your Legislators.  They need to hear from you!

WU will continue to follow the progress of this Bill, and keep you informed.  Please share your comments on our FACEBOOK or our website BLOG.

Talking Points
Image and background story shared by two-time Pulitzer Award winning investigative reporter, Tom Knudson. 


The indiscriminate nature of trapping means that
more mountain lion females, including kittens, could be killed.


Forensic evidence confirmed this was real, and the remains of a trapped mountain lion found in the Bitterroots of Montana. It was found along with claw marks up a tree in which the mountain lion must have tried to escape.  Shared by Trap Free Montana Public Lands.


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