Trapping Incident Alert: Grizzly Cub Caught in Conibear
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Breaking News: Shocking Case of ESA-Listed Threatened Species Trapped! 
Wyoming Grizzly Bear Cub Caught in Quick-Kill Trap,
Fate Unknown but Bleak
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Wyoming Untrapped received a call late Tuesday, Oct 15, from a concerned citizen reporting a grizzly cub trapped in a conibear in the Shoshone National Forest between the Beartooth Highway and Cody, WY. The cub was discovered this past Thursday, Oct 20, when a passerby heard its cries from the Reef Creek Trail leading up to Windy Mountain. We have confirmed with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department that a grizzly cub was indeed caught in an above-ground, baited American marten set. However, by the time WGFD officials responded with required resources to handle a potentially dangerous situation, the cub was gone, along with the conibear trap. 
Conibears are considered ‘quick-kill’ traps. Trappers are only required to check this kind of trap once every week, although the first week of the set allows for up to 13 days of check time. This bear cub was potentially caught for hours, if not days.
A source provided the following account:

“My friend was only a few hundred yards from the parking area when he heard some terrible sounds coming from the thick brush below. He witnessed a grizzly sow with a few cubs, maybe 2 year olds, or one this year and one bigger. The noise was so loud that he knew something was wrong and went back to call the warden. When the warden arrived, my friend showed him where to go and although it had taken a few hours for the warden to arrive, the bear was still bawling. The Powell area warden said he’d have to get help to deal with this dangerous situation. It’s also an area used by lots of hunters this time of year.”
Read the rest of the story on our trapping incident database, and stay with us as the investigation reveals more details. 

This incident once again brings into question the sheer inadequacy of trapping regulations in Wyoming. For example, it isn't necessary for a trapper to report an incident like this unless the animal is injured to the point of death, or the animal has died.  Many more questions need to be asked: What is the fate of this cub?  Is this truly the first time this has happened in Wyoming?  Are our non-target reports too incomplete because of unclear, unenforced non-target reporting requirements?   Why are trappers exempt from the consequences of the taking of an ESA-listed species, or other protected species without repercussion or accountability?  

Trapping in Wyoming needs serious reform. Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or on our blog.
Approximate location of the trapping incident.
See  our incident map under 'Incidents of Concern'

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