Season of Wild Blessings
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With Gratitude
From the Faces of Wyoming Untrapped!
Images by Thomas D. Mangelsen
Wyoming Untrapped is giving thanks this holiday for all the support we've found in our community and across the state, and for what each of you do to protect our pets, our wildlife, and our public lands. We are grateful for another year filled with all things wild and free. We remain dedicated to creating an environment that is safe and humane for people, pets, and wildlife.

We would like to wish you all a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday. Let's keep our people, pets and wildlife exactly as they should be: safe, wild and free! 

Lisa Robertson
& the WU Board of Directors
Dog Trapped Near Cody, WY
A dog was trapped in a leghold near Cody, WY, just off of the Anarchy Trail north of Newton Lake on November 15. The dog is okay and the two traps have been removed.  For those who recreate in that area, use caution as there may be additional traps in the area. View the location of this and other incidents on our incident map.

Please report any trapping incidents and share your story on our trapping incident reporting form on our website. WU is the only source of dog trapping incidents in the state! We depend on the public to report these incidents as they happen. Thank you!

Threatened and Endangered Species: Trapping has Implications

Are lynx and fisher “extinct” in Wyoming?

Do we want the opportunity to view fisher and lynx in Wyoming? Some evidence suggests our mesopredators (often the target of trapping as 'furbearer') are disappearing, including the fisher and lynx. Wyoming houndsmen believe our bobcats are reaching record lows due to uncontrolled trapping just so a handful of people can benefit from the sale of the fur off the backs of these persecuted, secretive mesopredators. 

The fisher is believed to be extirpated from the state, but what if the limited monitoring data is incorrect? Animals under the Endangered Species Act listing deserve protection. Assuming ESA species are absent from the state has implications, as it allows trapping to continue in unlimited, unmonitored ways in what may well be critical habitat. 

If you have any information about a fisher or lynx sighting, please share with Wyoming Untrapped.
If you spot either animal, alive or not, in a trap or free, past or present or future, please share details and photos. Helpful information includes photos of tracks with a scale for comparison and location coordinates. Send to or call 307-201-2422.

Thank you!

To learn more about the fisher and its status in Wyoming, read this article, "Biologists can't find fishers in Wyoming".

Trapping Facts
Did you know?
A trapper is required to report a non-target catch only if its injuries will lead to death, or the animal has died?  We don't know the number of non-target animals caught in Wyoming, or the numbers killed every year.  WU wants required reporting of ALL non-target catches!
Did you know?
Bobcat trapping is in full season, with no quotas, unlimited trappers with unlimited traps, 72 hour trap checks in legholds, up to 13 days in a conibear and snare. 
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Furbearer Trapping Season is in Full Swing

Furbearer trapping season, for most areas, opened on October 1. Though predator trapping can occur all year long, the opening of furbearer season means even more traps are set on the public lands we all use. Many dog trapping incidents occur in the fall and winter, when fur trapping is at its height.

With furbearer season open, would you know how to release your pet from a trap if you encountered one tomorrow? Traps can be set directly on the trails you hike with your dog. Learn now, learning later could be too late! 

Trap Release Brochure

Trap Release Video

How to Release Your Pet From a Trap


Public Service Announcements

Wyoming Untrapped is now airing public service announcements about the hazards of the currently underway trapping season. Coming to a radio station near you, or listen here!


Holiday Shopping

Our caps and totes are finding homes around the world.  All purchases directly support WU.  Show your support wherever you go with a visor, hat, or tote!



1000 posts after 38 weeks of our IG awareness campaign in support of setbacks on public trails and trapfree zones.
Photo: @hollyupnorth

Building the WU Team

 Wyoming Untrapped is currently seeking a full-time Director.
Details about the position and application instructions are available on our website.

Wyoming Untrapped is continually grateful for the use of Thomas D. Mangelsen's stunning images on our website!
Board of Directors

Lisa Robertson
Katy Canetta
Deborah Reis
Ann Smith
Jason Williams

Advisory Council

Sharon Brown
Franz Camenzind
Penelope Maldonado
Ann Nelson
Marjorie Pettus
Gary Shockey
Peggy Struhsacker

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