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How to Take Custom Orders

We have a new process for taking custom orders that should decrease confusion for customers and give them a better overall experience.

We will only take 2 types of custom orders at the shops, all others will be referred directly to Chelsea:

1 - Change in length of chain necklace:
  • Add/subtract $1 per inch of difference. (For example, if they find a necklace that they like that is on a standard 18" chain, but they want it on a 32" chain instead, you would add $14 to the price of the original, and place the custom order for them. - Just ring it up as a custom product in Vend and take payment. Then submit the custom order as normal.)
2 - Change in type of earwire for earrings:
  • We have 3 types of earwires, and it's a $4 difference between each one. 
    • Regular + $0
    • Medium loop +$4
    • Long loop +$8
  • For example: they like earrings that are on medium loop earwire, but want the long loops, add $4. If they wanted it on regular earwire, subtract $4. From regular earwire to long loop earwire, the difference is +/- $8.

I've included the instructions below, and they will also be sent to each shop in a black binder next week. Please practice going through the steps on your own before you need to do them for a real customer. You are welcome to submit a test order if you want using yourself as a customer to see how it will look from their end.
Thank you for all that you do, we really appreciate it! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Please respond to this email to let us know once you've read it.
Custom Order Instructions
When to submit a custom order through the website:
  1. Transfer: Customer purchases something that needs to be transferred from one shop to another, or that we are out of stock of, but will be getting back in (clothing or jewelry – must be confirmed that it will be back in)
  2. Repair: Customer needs a repair on jewelry (paid or unpaid)
  3. Customization: Customer wants to purchase an item that needs to be customized in some way (Only if able to be priced and paid for by you. Otherwise, refer them to Chelsea at
How to submit the order:
  1. Login to the backend of the website:
    1. Go to
    2. LOGIN: Username:, Password: shop99
    3. CREATE ORDER: Click “Orders” then “Create Order”
    4. ADD CUSTOMER: On the top/right, add the customer to the order (if not in the system already, create a new customer – full shipping address and email address are required)
    5. ADD PRODUCT: Use the search bar to find the “Custom Order Product” and select the appropriate variant (Paid/Unpaid and Pickup Location/Shipping)
    6. ADD NOTE: Add a note with the following information:
      1. Describe what the customer needs (product code, size, color, length, customizations...), and when they need it by. *Remember that the customer will be able to see what you type here.
      2. Include your name at the end of the note (e.g. -John W.)
    7. ADD SHIPPING: Select the correct shipping method (If not being picked up at a store, do custom for $0 and name it “Prepaid”)
    8. PAYMENT: Click “Mark as Paid” at the bottom. (A popup will show – click “Create Order” to confirm the order) This is required, even if the order is unpaid.
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