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Dear Locations Owners
We would like to start off by thanking all of you for always being responsive, and doing your utmost to support us in this volatile and somewhat tricky industry!
As most of you will know, the past season was very tough with a marked decline in film shoots coming to Cape Town. The negative press around Day Zero and the Water Crisis has no doubt been a contributing factor, however there are other factors at play:
  • Lower budgets from clients globally;
  • The cost of filming in Cape Town increasing each season;
  • Intense competition from other service destinations – especially in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Bulgaria etc have all increased their service offerings and have the advantage of being geographically closer to potential clients than we are).
We are also seeing a global trend towards keeping work at home. Many companies are now being requested to shoot within their own countries, rather than going far afield.
Some Stats on the Drop in the number of jobs from the 2016 season to the 2017 season:
TV Commercials         571                 
Stills shoots                 614               
Feature Films              41                  
TV Series                    40                   

TV Commercials          424
Stills shoots                  521
Feature Films               26
TV Series                     52  (the only sector that increased)

 From March 2016 to March 2018 – 23% of the film work came from the UK; 19% from Germany and 13% from the US, dropping to 8% from France).

We attended an industry stakeholder meeting with the City of Cape Town on the 12th June. We had an opportunity to present on behalf of NALA (National Association of Location Agents which we have recently set up and are on the executive committee). We highlighted the problems that we face with the City, the main points being the City Bylaw as it stands right now and the need for a Land Use Permit for certain highlighted locations. The City has pledged their support in becoming a “Film Friendly City” again and doing what they need to do to revive the industry after feeling the real effects of a downturn in the incoming international business (see the Argus article below). We left feeling very positive about this meeting and that the City officials are really behind their words this time (we have heard this before). We will be forming a task team with the industry leaders to address the urgent actions that need to be taken. The City has also appointed HERO advertising agency which we are extremely pleased about as we have all been saying foryears that a local, national and international PR & advertising campaign is essential to create a Film Friendly, pro-active and supportive environment for shooting.

Moving to internal stuff, we had a strategy workshop at Amazing Spaces last week discussing, amongst other things, how we can ensure that you are better informed the coming season. We are working on better service and flow of information. We have met with our current service providers to discuss an app which will be able to send you push notifications on shoots coming up, calendar entries (option status), and recce’s and will include the name of the person who’s coming, name of Production Company, time, etc. We are excited about this development and are working frantically with the developers to have this be ready for season. There may be a small monthly subscription fee, but we will let you know more about this as soon as we know. We are also looking at refining our accounts department to send you quarterly income statements and annual tax certificates.

In light of better communication, we have also committed to sending you quarterly newsletters featuring industry relevant information, some fun news/ shoots that have taken place in our locations and hopefully updates on the Bylaw.
If you have renovated, upgraded, painted, knocked down or filled up anything in your home – please let us know. Be sure to go onto our website and type in your location name on the home page (where is says ‘type location name here’) and check out the images of your home. If they are out-dated, please contact us on We can get our professional photographer to reshoot your home for a fee of R500.
Feedback is important
Please let us know how we’re doing (good or bad ;-) If you have concerns, suggestions or more please let us know!
We understand your frustrations around things like if scouts don’t arrive on time (if at all!), damages, nature of shoots changing – and we strive to streamline these things – but we are naturally often at the mercy of the late scout forgetting to let us know; or the art department being under pressure and not looking after a location as they should. But your feedback is of paramount importance for us so that we have concrete evidence to feed back to the industry.


Positive news for Saudi Arabia, Cinema ban lifted after decades. This creates great opportunities for everyone in the film industry!…/as-saudi-arabias-cinema-ban-ends-film

Watch some of our professionally produced film reels! Migrate Films shot this fun colourful commercial at our locations "The Banking Hall" and "Strawberries and Cream" for Party City. Thanks for choosing our Amazing Spaces!

Please note that our season office hours in Cape Town are 8:30am until 6pm and winter office hours are 9am until 5pm. Joburg office hours are from 8.30am until 5pm all year round. As always, if urgent you can contact us outside of these hours on:

Cape Town: 082 828 5580 (Office 021 761 3445)
082 841 3159
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