✨ Leaving the Mountain ✨
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Beloved Imzaia pioneers,

I'm happy to inform you all that, in a few days, Imzaia World's monthly subscription will be dropping from 29,95 to just 19 euro per month, with yearly subscriptions going from 299,50 to 190 euro per year! ✨🥳✨

We are doing so as part of a continuous effort to make the metaphysical studies that are offered on Imzaia World available to more people all the time. 🔥❤️🔥

On top of this serious drop in fees, we are going one step further, and it is a major one:

While we are already providing ALL material that was recorded prior to 2020 as a free-for-all access, without the need to create a subscription whatsoever, including all Sessions of The Study of Vibration from 2005 till 2016, and while we have previously communicated that all new material from 2020 and onward will be part of the subscription based service, it is now my joy to announce that we will do things slightly differently starting October 10, 2020!

From that point onward, all new material that will be released (starting a few days from now) WILL still end up accessible only by subscription, initially at least... BUT every piece of content will eventually move from the membership library into the free library, in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, depending on the type of content itself.

In other words, the monthly or yearly subscription based service is literally just that... a SERVICE that we invite those that can do so to provide us with, monthly or yearly, in return for the service WE provide in organizing the time of a team of nine people, 24/7 -- whom I can personally vouch for work their a... akene off 😊 without a break -- in such a way that it becomes possible to create Imzaia World's metaphysical content, to edit and prepare it, to upload it, to transcribe it, to release it, to announce it,... and ultimately the many hours it takes to create the websites on which the content is made available in the first place. Fulltime, non-stop focus and attention is required on our part to make all of this happen, and we love doing it. 🚀

More importantly... those who do decide to sign up for our monthly or yearly memberships aren't only doing us, ascended life & the imzaia crew, a favor, by doing so YOU are also of GREAT SERVICE to the many millions around the world that simply cannot afford 19 euro a month or 190 euro per year, due to the circumstances in their lives or the societies they live in.

By giving us the opportunity to continue to create this content and, more importantly, by providing us the opportunity to release it into our free libraries 3 to 12 months after creating it, you are offering a SERVICE TO THE WHOLE, together with us, allowing all of humanity the opportunity to study their own potential and to master themselves into empowerment, providing space and time in their lives for the most important study of all: ascension. ❤️

Once again, a few days from now, the rest of ascended life -- Da Pah Lao Tze San, Da Pah Ekara San, Da Ojadasan'ka Adamus Valen San, Da Ejakasan'da Kuthumi San, Da Solarys San, and many, many others -- together with myself, Da Pah Kwan Yin San, will end our four years long silence and preparations. 🌴🐬🐢🐳

We will begin by presenting a recording between Da Pahdasan'ka Barak Solarys San and ascended life, in which we will explain what we have been doing to prepare, what we have been preparing for, and we will begin to properly introduce you to and prepare you for the metaphysical studies that are to come, such as the continuation of The Study of Vibration and the commencement of The Study of the Pah.

In these preparatory recordings, we also intend to discuss some of the circumstances that the collective part of "you" has been manifesting "here" on earth from 2016 up until the current month of October 2020 and how we can, collectively and individually, initiate a more heart-based, san-based version of this reality, as we will begin to attempt to explain to you in further detail the nature of this reality itself, its relationship to the metaphysical domain, and some of the most fundamental reasons for why you have decided to work your way through this lifetime to begin with. ✨☀️✨

As you can tell, there is much that we wish to communicate about. However, I will leave the actual content of our upcoming messages to the moment of presenting them instead of continuing to announce them. 😊

One more thing, though: if you know of any loved ones, fellow consciousness pioneers, or friends, who might not yet have access to this free newsletter, we'd love for you to send it on to them and to invite them to sign up to our future announcements here:

I'll leave it at this for now... and I honestly can hardly wait to "leave the mountain" and come out of contemplation and preparation, and start talking to you again directly, in person. Neither of us hardly can!

See you soon!

Love always,

Da Pah Kwan Yin San
& the rest of ascended life


PS. If you already have a monthly or yearly subscription to Imzaia World, you do not need to do anything. The change in price will automatically be updated in your membership account as soon as it goes live on the site. Memberships that currently are on Imzaia Scholarships will not be affected by these changes.

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