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Sent on Thursday, December 23, 2021
Hello members and friends of the Lincoln Northside and Holland Churches!

I'm very grateful that you're taking a moment this week to browse through this email. Thanks for stopping by!
As you read this week's updates, it is my hope that you will be motivated to participate in various options of worship and fellowship with our church community.
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Ministry Opportunity (Bible School Leader)

As part of our evangelistic plan for the coming year, the Lincoln Northside congregation will be partnering with Voice of Prophecy to share the good news of Jesus Christ in our local area. Part of that collaboration will include the establishment of a local ministry called the Discover Bible School. VOP will provide resources and training to help equip us to effectively introduce friends in our community to Jesus through the Bible.

If you are interested in leading a team of volunteers in carrying out this ministry at Northside, please email with your interest.

Ministry Opportunity (Literature Sharing)

If you have a passion for sharing your faith through wholesome literature, ask about the new literature sets that have recently arrived at the Holland church! We would be delighted to have you join us in sharing these books and magazines with others in the community.

Northside Caroling

A very joyful group of people from Lincoln Northside braved the cold last week Saturday evening to bring some cheer to the community surrounding the church. We stopped at several homes and brought smiles to many faces as we sang carols and shared literature about the birth of the Savior. Afterward, we gathered in the Fellowship Hall at church for hot drinks, a devotional to close the Sabbath, and then some great games and other social activities. Special thanks to Kristin Sauder and the rest of the social committee for planning this wonderful opportunity.

Lincoln Northside Gathering Update

The Directed Health Measures that we have been following from our county are set to expire tonight. As voted by the church board, we will communicate our gathering expectations in alignment with the guidance of our county during this pandemic. If the current guidelines are not extended, we will simply rely more directly on individual discretion for our gatherings starting this Sabbath.

As your pastor, I understand the continued concerns and the high rate of covid spread that remains in our community. Unfortunately, those concerns and rates of spread do not expire tonight. Let's journey together during this sensitive and divisive time in a way that selflessly upholds our desire to be an accessible church for all. If you are feeling ill or were recently exposed to a case of infection, or are otherwise uncomfortable with the expiration of the current guidelines, I understand the challenges, and we as a church want to remain in fellowship with you. Our AV team is committed to providing livestream opportunities for broader reach and continued connection, and our team of elders is committed to leading the charge of reaching out in even more personal ways. If you are planning to adjust your practice to align with the fact that the guidelines are expiring, I only encourage a spirit of grace, humility and sensitivity as you do so. If you plan to continue following precautions for a while yet, please also join in resisting the urge to think less of those who are doing things differently.

May each stage of our decision making during this crisis be another opportunity for the light of God's love to shine into the darkness of division as we commit ourselves fervently to loving each other and lifting each other along the way.


Community Support Opportunity

One of our church family members is involved in this community initiative, and we thought others of you may want to have an opportunity to participate as well! Please note that for the diaper drive detailed below, the diapers have to be in a new package; nothing previously opened. Wipes are also welcome!
  • Carol Penrosa (sent on December 18): "A friend of my daughter Sara, Krystyn has been diagnosised with COVID and is requiring oxygen this morning. Krystyn is the niece of Scott Coffman; her brother David died in a car accident in May. Their family has had a rough year."
If you would like to submit a prayer request, you may do so here.

This Week's Offering

Our offering focus this week is Kansas-Nebraska Conference Advance. Offerings you make to Conference Advance go to support our conference scholarship fund, evangelism across our territory, youth and young adult ministries, and our Outlook magazine.

You may participate financially by giving to/through Lincoln Northside or Holland this week. Your tithe goes to support the work of the Lord across the conference (including your church), and your offering goes wherever you designate within the local church. As we trust in God our provider, may He continue to add rich blessings and multiply our gifts for the furthering of the gospel.

All listed times are Central Time. 

Friday, December 24
5:03 pm: Sunset

Saturday, December 25
HOLLAND CHURCH SERVICE (in person and on Zoom)
9:00 am: Worship Service (Speaker: Oscar Lucar)
10:30 am: Sabbath School
NORTHSIDE CHURCH SERVICE (in person and on YouTube/Facebook)
9:30 am: Sabbath School
11:00 am: Worship Service (Speaker: Pastor Deneil Clarke)

5:04 pm: Sunset

Sunday, December 26

Monday, December 27
7:00 pm: Online Bible Study (Zoom)

Tuesday, December 28
7:00 pm: Holland Church Bible Study (in person)

Wednesday, December 29
6:30 pm: Prayer N Praise (YouTube and Facebook livestream)

Thursday, December 30

Friday, December 31
5:09 pm: Sunset

Saturday, January 1, 2022 - HAPPY NEW YEAR
HOLLAND CHURCH SERVICE (in person and on Zoom)
9:00 am: Worship Service (Speaker: Pastor Deneil Clarke)
10:30 am: Sabbath School
NORTHSIDE CHURCH SERVICE (in person and on YouTube/Facebook)
9:30 am: Sabbath School
11:00 am: Worship Service (Speaker: Pastor Deneil Clarke)

5:09 pm: Sunset

Connect Card

One of the ways we are hoping to stay in touch with you is through our online connect card. If you would like to get more involved at Northside or Holland or have a ministry suggestion for either church, there is a place on the card to indicate that, along with other ways that our community of faith can be your community too. Each filled-out card goes directly to Pastor Deneil by email, and based on your indicated preference, he will either pass it along to relevant ministry leaders or follow up with you confidentially. Either way, we will do our best to respond to you directly. Please do not journey alone.

Holland Church Bible Study

You are invited to join us on Tuesday evenings at the Holland Church for a bible study at 7:00 pm.

Continuing next Monday, we are studying through the Gospel According to Luke. We are reading and studying together verse by verse and cover as much as we can in an hour each week. Consider joining us on Zoom this coming Monday at 7:00 pm. The previous link should take you to the study, or you can type this code in to join the meeting: 956 8186 3121

Northside Membership Information Update

Thanks to all those who have already filled out this update form. If you haven't yet and you are a member of the Lincoln Northside Church, we would greatly appreciate your help with this. Please take a moment to click on and fill out this brief form. This will be quick, and only one person from each household needs to fill it out. Even if you think your information is current, filling it out will give our clerk a chance to compare it with what is actually on the record. Each one of you is important to us. Thank you for your help!

Holland Church Zoom Access

Click this link to connect to the Holland worship service on your internet-enabled device.

Call this number to tune in from your landline: 1 346 248 7799.

The Meeting ID is: 991 4366 8103
The passcode is: 581350

How Can I Make an Announcement?

Have you ever had something to share with our church and asked that question? Maybe you've read this weekly email or listened to announcements at the beginning of worship and wondered who to talk to in order to share a ministry announcement.

The button below will take you to your answer! Fill out the form, and the relevant leaders in both churches will be able to take it from there.

Church Announcement Form

Online Sabbath Gathering Options

For our Northside and Holland members and friends who are not planning to join our in-person worship gatherings this week, please take note of the online opportunities hosted for you by both congregations. You can also continue to join us online each Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm for Prayer N Praise.

Don't forget to share these online gatherings with your friends near and far!

Holland Worship Live on Zoom
Northside Worship Live on YouTube
Northside Worship Live on Facebook
the Cause Sabbath School
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God bless you all!

Together in Christ's Service,

Deneil Clarke, Pastor

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