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Hi Harry

With the British Summer well and truly over, it's time for the big jumpers, woolly hats for some, and we're all praying our heating still works.

Here is some great content to help get you through these cold months:
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The Sales BluPrint
The run up to Christmas is many businesses biggest months, you will want to make sure your sales strategies are top notch for the best Autumn you've ever had!

We'll show you how to improve your communication, make your questionning more effective, help you deal with sales objections and most importantly, show you how to close the sale.

This is free, and includes a lovely breakfast. We can't wait to see you.
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Highlighted Articles
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The Sales Questions You are Afraid to Ask
You want to make a sale, but are afraid of asking questions that may jeopardise the outcome. Well there are questions that many people are simply too afraid to ask but will really reveal the truth about how the “opportunity” is going.
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4 Things You Should Say More
Getting the language right in your team can have a major impact on how your team works and what your team members are learning from you. Your language speaks volumes about who you are and what you want from people you are leading.
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Selling Versus Helping People to Buy
Your approach to sales is informed by your personal attitude towards it. Here are a couple of perspectives that may help you see it differently.
Top Learning This Month
This month in Group Coaching, our class covered Streetwise Marketing, where they had loads of fun, especially when learning the rules of AIDA (The art of getting people's Attention, Interest, Desire followed by them taking Action).
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Streetwise Marketing
Things the BluKo Team Find Interesting
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Facebook Launches Virtual Reality Support In Their Newsfeed
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6 Alternatives to Spending Thousands on an Email List
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Britain’s future rests with our best and brightest small businesses