8th of July

TrustTrack updates - 0.78.0 version

Hello, in this newsletter you will find TrustTrack updates, that will come with an update on 8th of July. To see the pictures, please view this email in your browser.

NEW| Get data using trips API

Now users can get the same type of information about trips that they get in history and reports using the new Trips API. This API is available for objects with BASIC+ plan and higher. For now, the maximum period for which trips are able is 7 days.
Updated | Add all new drivers to .ddd file scheduler

A new automated way of receiving driver card files: when the driver first inserts driver card into tachograph, TrustTrack automatically creates that driver in the system and automatically download drivers .ddd files if the option “Add new drivers to scheduler” is selected when creating a scheduler. 
Updated | See VIN number together with data about fleet status

Now when exporting excel file with the selected parameters in fleet status, VIN number which was entered in particular vehicle’s details, will be also shown in the excel file.
Updated | Set custom SMS sender name

Service providers will be able to choose the sender name which will be shown in SMS sent for their end-user. However, the service provider will need to contact Ruptela’s support since only Ruptela's support will be able to change the sender name for the service provider. If no sender name is chosen, by default it will be the same as the “Title” field of the service provider. 

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