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TrustTrack updates - 0.67.0 version

Hello, in this newsletter you will find the latest TrustTrack updates, that will come with 0.67.0 update on 12th of November.
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NEW! Over the limit parameters report Part 1 (also known as Speeding report) - this report will present all speed values that are above the value selected by the client. This means that clients will be able to select what is an overspeeding value for them specifically and, thus, see only relevant overspeeding events in the report.

Part 2 will be Idling report which will come later and will work in the similar manner. It is going to belong to the same “Over the limit parameters report“.

NEW! Save report as a template & create report from template - last time we have released report duplication feature that helped clients to re-use settings from the reports they have generated in the past. Now we have expanded this feature: from now on there will be a possibility to save a report as a template, name it anyway the client likes, find and re-use it anytime using the Templates list. In addition, before generating a report, client will be asked to choose whether they would like to create the report from scratch or from an already created template. Please note that at least 1 template needs to be created in order for such selection to appear

Save report as a template:
Create report from template:

NEW! Click and see coordinates of a point on a mapwe know how important coordinates (not only the address) are in the transport business. This is why from now on after right-clicking on the map menu, coordinates of that point will appear. It will be possible to use them directly as a starting point in routing module as well as copy the coordinates by one click.

NEW! Search by POIs & geozones in Routing module - clients used to be able to create routing points by using coordinates, address or vehicle position. Now they will be able to do this by also using geozones and points of interest. 

Updated! See vehicle status more clearly - the vehicle status color will now take over the whole vehicle icon, so it will be easier for clients to determine the status of the vehicle from a single glance.
Updated! Access multiple vehicle history from single vehicle history - we have recently released history of multiple vehicles feature. This update creates a shortcut to access multiple vehicle history from a single vehicle history. When accessing through here, this vehicle will already be pre-selected.  
Updated! Access “Assist me“ button of WalkMe from the top menu instead of the bottom - in order for the “Assist me“ button to not cover important functionalities of TrustTrack that often use the bottom space of the page, this button will be moved to the top, next to the notifications.

Recent TrustTrack updates information:

Full TrustTrack user manual available at -

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