23rd of October

TrustTrack updates - 0.83.0 version

Hello, in this newsletter you will find TrustTrack updates, that will come with 0.83.0 update on 24th of October. 

NEW | Driver management API

With 0.83.0 update, TrustTrack will allow to get drivers list and to create, edit, delete drivers using Driver management API.
UPDATED | DIN1, DIN2 and DIN3 on/off status visible on the map

After this update, DIN1, DIN2 and DIN3 on/off status can also be visible on the map. Previously DIN1, DIN2 and DIN3 on/off status could be seen only in the Fleet Status parameters list.

To see DIN1, DIN2 and DIN3 on/off status in the object pop-up on the map, they must be selected in the parameters list.

Yellow, green and red colours indicate, that respective DIN is on. If DIN name and colour is not shown on the pop-up, it means that respective DIN is off.
UPDATED | Country code selection for phone numbers

After this update, it becomes mandatory to select a country code before entering a phone number. Previously phone numbers could be entered in a free form, which sometimes resulted in entering an invalid phone number for SMS notifications.

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