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TrustTrack updates - 0.66.0 version

Hello, in this newsletter you will find the latest TrustTrack updates, that will come with 0.66.0 update on 15th of October.
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NEW! Possibility to duplicate reports - now users will have an easier way to generate a new report. Once they click on "Duplicate report", they will be redirected to a "Generate new report" page. In there, all settings from the previous report will be saved: they will be visible and editable. Only a new date range will need to be selected. This means that the client will be able to re-use settings from a previous report and will not have to create every single new report from scratch.

NEW! Integration with TimoCom platform - from now on clients who's objects have Standard or higher plan will be able to see their objects in TimoCom platform.  In order to do this, clients will need to login to their TimoCom account and enter their TrustTrack webuser login and password to appropriate fields in TimoCom platform. Once release from TimoCom side is done (which is scheduled for this week), we will update you with screenshots of how this process will look like for clients. No additional feature enabling for these clients is needed. 

TimoCom is one of the biggest electronic markets for the transport sector which offers freight and vehicle exchange service. It helps transport companies to find orders and avoid costly empty trips. More about TimoCom -

Updated! Link to routing in vehicle status - now users will be able to access Routing module from Vehicle Status module. Once user clicks on the icon next to vehicle name, user will be redirected to Routing module and the starting point of the vehicle will be automatically filled in.

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