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Summer Reflections 

The summer break season is a critical time to reflect on project and project management performance so far this year, and take any necessary corrective steps before the "new term".  There are two main reasons to act now:
  • the summer break is an ideal time to catch your breath, and
  • you are likely to be at least a third of the way through your fiscal year.
Is it time to get a grip on your projects? Read more.

Doing More with Less

We are all under pressure to do more with less. 3% saving here, or 5% saving there, can be worthy of significant effort on your part.
Consistently using some simply implemented and appropriate, project management techniques and discipline can make a big difference.
ProjExc clients have easily reduced 70% failure rates to single figures, with big savings allowing them to do much more, with less. Read more.
"Project management is the management of change.  All other management is the management of no change.”
Dr Martin Barnes, APM President 2003-2012

Reflect with a Fresh Pair of Eyes

Periodic independent project assessments (or Deep Dives) are a clever way of avoiding those frustrating and nasty surprises at the end of a project, allowing necessary corrections before it's too late.  Learn more here.

Disaster Strikes - Your Plan for Business Continuity?

How long would it take to recover normal operation in your business after a critical incident? What would you do in the event of an incident? Fire, vandalism, theft, floods, major accidents, power cuts, server failures, loss of connectivity, or staff, can all have a devastating impact.

You might have insurance in place to get the material things back, but what would be the long term effects of any outage? A web search suggests anywhere between 40% and 80% of businesses go out of business within months of a critical incident as a result of losing short-term revenues or long-term customers.

Business continuity planning, which encompasses IT disaster recovery, is critical to protecting you, your business and your team. What's more, having a solid business continuity plan (BCP) in place for your organisation can help by reducing your insurance premiums and supporting your sales activity.

There’s more information on our Business Continuity post on PM Advisor and on our blog.

ProjExc will soon be presenting at the next 5-nines business continuity seminar - let us know if would like details.

Who Owns Your PMO?

As organisations mature and truly recognise the value of project management as an enabler to doing more with less, they tend to standardise the way that they approach project management in order to create a common language and consistent methods. Ownership for this resides with your PMO (Project/Program/Portfolio Management Office).

The PMO empowers the organisation and it’s project management community with expertise, guidance, support, and with independent governance.  PMOs can be set-up and run internally, but with reluctance for increasing overheads, virtual PMOs, like those offered by ProjExc, are becoming increasingly popular.  With care in defining the establishment upfront a PMO can easily pay for itself in very little time.  For more information take a look here.
A New Way to Access Project Management Advice

To help organisations and individuals find what they are looking for from ProjExc more effectively, we've created two distinct web-based resources:

Project management help for organisations remains clearly explained through our consultancy and resourcing service details on the ProjExc website.

Project management help for individuals, now can be found in a new blog and resource centre called PM AdvisorHere you can find lots of project management resources including: Project management tool reviews; Project methodology descriptions; Free templates; Regular news digests; and Access to our unique project management coaching service PM Answers, and more.
Growth Accelerator
ProjExc is a training provider who supports GrowthAccelerator, where ambitious businesses go for new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy they need to achieve their full potential.

Our role as a training provider is to help GrowthAccelerator clients develop their leadership and management teams, with match funding of up to £2,000 available per senior manager to undertake training recommended for their business.

Ask us for more details.
Free Talk:
Why Projects Fail and What You Can Do About It.

If you have a group frustrated by project failure then contact ProjExc to arrange a FREE interactive session looking at how to use our 3 elements for project success to achieve project success rates exceeding 90%.

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