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BioCommons = common space and resources for students in the biological sciences at UW-Madison

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Coming up this month...

Our second TED Talk Night!
Monday March 23, 8pm

Head down to Steenbock Library's "garden level" and watch a TED Talk video or two with some fellow bioscience students. It's guaranteed to spark some interesting conversations.... Bring a friend or a group!  

Monthly TED Talk Nights are co-sponsored by bioscience student organizations. This month's co-sponsor is the Society for Conservation Biology. Want to be a co-sponsor and share your favorite TED talk videos? Email



Undergraduate Research Peer Mentors: Drop-in mentoring every Tues & Wed, 6-8 pm, room 108

Pre-Health Advising: Drop-in advising Thursdays 2-4 pm, room 108
The Plants are coming! The Horticulture Society and the Aquarium Enthusiasts Club are adding some life (literally) to the BioCommons by installing living walls and a planted aquarium. The plants will be going up on Saturday 3/7.

On 2/23, we held our first networking event for leaders of bio-ish student orgs to share questions and solutions. If you are interested in the next one, email us here and we'll keep you posted.

Download a list of biology-related student orgs here. Let us know if we're missing something.
CALS Career Services has some great offerings in the BioCommons!

Drop-in resume reviews, Wednesdays, 6-7:30 pm, room 110D

Cover Letters & Professional Communication, March 10, 5:30-6:30 pm, room 340
Have a research mentor lined up for fall and looking to make the most of the experience? Check out the Entering Research courses, a series of two one-credit courses you take alongside your research experience. Designed to meet the unique needs of under-represented groups and first-generation college students. Need more info? Talk with an Undergraduate Research Peer Mentor on any Tues or Wed from 6-8 pm.

• Planning your research experience to meet your goals
• Tips for finding a mentor
Don't wait till graduation to make a difference! Think about Badger Volunteers as you plan your fall semester. Sign ups are at the beginning of each semester. If you want to learn about leading science activities with kids, consider the Engage Children in Science course. You can also volunteer through the Science Alliance, whose annual Science Expeditions event is March 20-22. It's a big campus open house for science with more than 20 venues!
March 15 Deadline! $5,000 Promega International Scientific Internship Scholarship. Get paid to do good.

Yes, you can study abroad and still graduate on time! 
• How can I choose?
• What will it count for?
• What will I get out of it?
Gain the intercultural competence you need to succeed.
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Want More?

There's a new online bulletin board starting up. Bookmark it! It's a place to find and post opportunities in public service, international experiences, leadership/community, undergraduate research, and career exploration. To post your opportunity on the board, send a pdf or web link to If you have brochures or handouts you would like to share in the BioCommons, contact Aaron Miller at

Opthalmologist, co-founder of the American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness, co-founder and former chair of the Opthalmology Residency Training Program at Drew/UCLA, first African American woman doctor to receive a patent for a medical device (the Laserphaco Probe). Don't know who it is? Go here and learn more:

Visit the BioCommons portrait gallery of scientists to find more "guess who" puzzles and learn about some very cool people (including the fellow behind the "God gene" and the founder of the first black-controlled hospital in Chicago).
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Heard of STEM—what about STEAM?  Find out more about the movement to link art & design to science, technology, engineering and math. (Hmmm...remind anybody of TED?). And check out the ART+BIO collaborative
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