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All is well here at the Charlotte Buddhist Vihara as we head into the lovely (Buddhist-reflecting) orange hues of autumn.

We recently had a couple “Gardening Dana Days” in which supporters volunteered their time and accumulated special merit by working to spruce up the grounds, as the leaves fall from the Vihara pecan trees and summer plants end their cycle.

The Vihara house in good hands

The new owners of the home in which the Vihara resides, George and Christine Lwin, continue to be kind and vigilant benefactors, responding to issues at the Vihara with immediate attention and care, for which we are truly grateful.

George’s late mother continues to inspire his compassion for Buddhism and we are very fortunate to benefit from his efforts to honor her.

A Vihara Feline faced a life-threatening challenge

One of our resident cats recently had a bout of serious intestinal obstruction, which was treated at the vet’s office, through multiple visits, carried by our tireless bhikkhuni, Ayya Sudhamma. Her care was very kindly sponsored by friends of the Vihara, and one very compassionate vet tech who recognized our bhikkhuni’s position and stepped in to help with the bills.

The kitty “Sneak” again runs the halls of the Vihara with all the vigor and present-moment zest as she did before her health emergency. We’d like to send out a special blessing to those who helped with funding, transportation and care of this little animal being during that concerning time.

A Bhikkhuni Day Poya observed

Recently we celebrated a full moon day, or Poya, in conjunction with our annual recognition of Bhikkhuni Day (a day set aside to honor the full moon under which the first order of Buddhist nuns was ordained). Ayya Sudhamma spoke about the history of the bhikkhunis, we participated in chanting, meditation, and took Refuge and the Five Precepts, with some people taking the Eight Precepts. Then we performed a Buddha Puja (offering to the Buddha) and shared different foods in a potluck lunch, and socialized. 

The Buddha strongly encouraged people to set aside certain lunar days for extra practice and we try to make it part of our monthly Meetups - so check out the Meetup app on your smartphone, or “Meditate with the Monk” to get involved in our next Poya observance and join our monthly practice.

Our Regular Offerings to the Community:


The Vihara continues to offer meditation, and dhamma (Buddhist teachings) talks and discussions, four days a week, and other regular events. 

  • Beginner’s Meditation  is on the first Tuesday of each month, in which Ayya Sudhamma leads the group in a basic intro to Buddhist Meditation practice, tailored to modern life, with a short teaching and discussion following the meditation.

  • Beginner’s Buddhism  on the first Saturday of the month, is a meditation and then an introduction to Buddhism in general, followed by a Q&A. 

  • The Second Saturday  of each month we do a longer sit, usually a 1-hour meditation, followed by our usual tea break, and then we study the suttas.

  • “Brunch with the Monk”  On the last Sunday of the month we meet at a restaurant as a social event. Ayya Sudhamma and friends meet at a local restaurant where we have casual discussions about any subject, with each person purchasing their own meal, with the ability to offer dana (a food offering which also acts as an opportunity to gain spiritual merit in Buddhist philosophy) to the monk/nun during the event.

  • Monthly Poya Day, on or around the Full Moon. 

  • Buddha taught that the full moon is a special time and a perfect opportunity to take time out to strengthen one’s spiritual practice. 
  • During our observance of this auspicious time, we offer a special half-day of reflection at the Vihara, including a Meditation (or two), the Taking of Refuges, the Taking of the Five or Eight Precepts, Chanting, Dhamma Talks, Discussions, a Buddha Puja offering, an offering of food dana to our Bhikkhuni, then we share in a Potluck lunch and have some social time, or a silent lunch, whichever is preferred. 

  • It’s a wonderful opportunity to immerse oneself in a positive, calming atmosphere of acceptance, mindfulness, Buddhist practices, and like-minded company.

  • Regular Weekly Meditations/Dhamma talks:

    • Tuesday Evenings @ 7:00 PM

    • Wednesday Mornings @ 10:30 AM

    • Thursday Evenings @ 7:00 PM

    • Saturdays @ 2:00 PM

All meetups and events, including their schedules, can be found on Meetup “Meditate with the Monk” - be sure to sign up there in advance!

Upcoming Retreats & Celebrations in Charlotte

Kathina-Recalling Celebration - October 19th - A half-day of Poya (full moon) observance, with a special celebration for the end of the Vassa or “rainy season.” Join us for meditations, traditional Buddhist chantings, offerings, taking of the Five or Eight Precepts, a Dhamma talk, and a social Potluck Lunch shared among friends to celebrate the Kathina.

A Morning Of Silence Retreat - October 27th - A half-day, completely silent retreat at Great Woods Zen, hosted by The Charlotte Buddhist Vihara and Ayya Sudhamma. No guidance, no teachings, no chatting, just silent meditation practice with like-minded people in a calming and beautiful setting. (Not suitable for beginners or those who have not been to our meetings before.)

The Gratitude Retreat - November 24th - A half-day of reflecting upon gratitude in the Buddhist philosophy applied to modern life, led by Ayya Sudhamma. Location TBD. Beginners welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon,

With metta, Robin Shepard, Jared Langson and Tony Tueni - Members of The Charlotte Buddhist Vihara Board of Directors

Upcoming Special Events:
  • 10/13 - Full Moon (Poya) Program & Potluck Lunch
  • 10/19 - Kathina-Recalling Celebration
  • 10/26 - Ghost stories - Halloween themed, ghost-related tales from the Buddhist scriptures
  • 10/27 - A Morning of Silence Retreat - Half-Day Retreat at Great Woods Zen
  • 11/10 - Full Moon (Poya) Program & Potluck Lunch
  • 11/24 - The Gratitude Retreat - Half-Day Retreat, location to TBD
  • 11/26 - Interfaith Thanksgiving Evening Service - Ayya Sudhamma speaks at a local church during their annual interfaith service, all are invited
  • 12/14 - Full Moon (Poya) Program & Potluck Lunch
  • 12/31 - New Years Eve Program

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“Meditate with the Monk” Meetups, and Ayya Sudhamma’s teachings are ALWAYS FREE to all - But we do run on donations from community members like you!

*If you’d like to contribute to our running expenses, please find the Donation Box to the right of the Kitchen door at the Vihara or make a donation online at by Clicking Here.

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