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Hello From My Studio! 

Happy New Year! It’s more than two weeks into 2017, but many people in my neighbourhood are still preparing for the 'other' new year - the big Chinese one! I always enjoyed watching Chinese lion dancing as a child in Australia, and it’s interesting to see the many traditional Chinese customs being followed in multicultural Singapore. I’m excited about the Year of the Rooster with a planned solo show, travel and printmaking workshops. I wish you all the best in your own endeavours!


Art Print Collection

Victorian Voyage was inspired by Victorian encaustic floor tiles popular in Malaysia and Singapore at the turn of the century. These striking tiles were often used on heritage shophouses and homes as a stylish and practical floor covering. Each work was created by using hand-carved timber blocks, watercolour pigments, traditional bamboo barens and Japanese Washi paper. Read more about how I made this print or see stockists.

Peranakan Prints Homeware Collection 

Inspired by decorative wall tiles on traditional shophouses throughout South East Asia, these unique handmade table runners are perfect for adding a touch of heritage to your home. View the collection.

Three Things You Wondered About Chinese New Year in Singapore

Since the government ramped up its anti-mozzie campaign, my house has been proudly pot-plant free. It suits my less-than-green thumb, but I admit that I miss having flowers and plants in the house. A recent visit to Fair Price Extra (the Super K-mart of Singapore) saw me come away with a huge bunch of peonies and plum blossoms - all created from hardy plastic! Read more. 

New Printmaking Workshops

Perfect for the busy beginner, my workshops use a tried-and-tested range of designs and pre-carved blocks. No art experience is necessary in a relaxed and supportive environment. Learn more. 

Print Culture Studio

A dedicated platform for for art workshops and cultural appreciation events, Print Culture Studio has its own new Facebook page and Instagram account. Come and say hello! 
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