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 with Phil Nolis


Hello all!! 

The Footy season has finished (we won’t dwell on that), the Wallabies are to face the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup and spring is in the air. The racing spring carnival is upon us, “spring in the Swan Valley” is here and the weather is magnificent.

I’m being upbeat because economically things aren’t so rosy.

Property is going backwards, share markets remain volatile, interest rates will probably drop again, and business confidence is shaky to say the least.

In today’s edition, we provide information to consider in light of the current economic environment.

Meanwhile, we have introduced a Client Portal on our website which will facilitate doing business with us more efficiently and effectively.

Embrace it if you can.
All the best for the Melbourne Cup .  

Phil Nolis


Who said “ DEATH TAX ” was dead and buried ??

There’s a misconception among SMSF trustees who believe their adult children will receive all their superannuation savings, upon their death, totally tax-free. The mere fact the adult children are classified as a “dependant” under the superannuation law, doesn’t mean they will receive the benefit tax-free.  Ouch! ...MORE ..Enrico De Pietro





The Australian economy is experiencing tough economic conditions and many sectors are affected. In these tough times we just want to remind directors of their duties when faced with financial difficulty and how should they deal with the situation.

Directors in Australia face onerous duties if their company is experiencing financial difficulties. The most significant risk for directors is the duty to prevent a company from trading whilst insolvent....MORE - Phil Carulli


Are you and your employees slaves to the inbox in detriment to productivity??

A nationwide workplace productivity survey (Human Capital Australia) found that we are most productive between 7am and noon, but waste this high-energy time checking and responding to emails.  Most of these emails have no relationship to the issues/tasks that lead to business success.
We need to change our approach if we are to take back control of productivity!
The survey estimated that 67% of us suffer email overload and once we have reacted to an email it takes anywhere from one to 24 minutes to refocus on our work!
The experts suggest that we should schedule specific times to check emails and don’t be tempted to deviate from those times.

Test yourself – can you restrain yourself and only check emails on your scheduled times???





-What a month it’s been – the Dow Jones had its eighth-biggest decline in history, markets all over the world tumbled, and of course the Australian market crashed as well.

This is definitely not the start of another global financial crisis. That was a credit event caused by billions of bad debts that resulted from irresponsible lending. The catalyst for the big falls this week was Chinese investors punting on the stock market using margin loans. As the market fell, shares were forcibly dumped to cover margin calls. ....MORE ..Phil Nolis

Optima Partners are pleased to introduce you to our new Client Portal, where we can upload documents for your action, review, signature or information and the reverse is also possible, where you can upload documents for our attention.
Once you are set up in the portal, every time we upload a document, you will receive an email message advising you, with a link to your portal for ease of access.  Conversely when you upload a document we will receive an email.
The portal will also allow electronic signature on your tax returns, streamlining the process for you and saving you time – simply access your tax return, review and, if happy, it is simply the click of your mouse and the tax return is returned with your digital signature.
One point to note – each person who has a tax return processed must have their own email address.
If you are interested in setting up your Portal, please contact our Business Manager, Coral Graham via phone or email on and she will arrange to set you up and help you through the process.



Superannuation Reserves
Contributions and Other’s

Generally a public offer fund will operate a number of reserves, such as investment income smoothing and anti detriment reserves.  But as a member of a public offer fund the contributions reserve may not be evident.  Even if you aren’t a member of an SMSF, contribution reserving may benefit you at some time, therefore it is worth being aware of it.  
Contributions reserves may be particularly handy on several occasions.  For example, in a year when a large capital gain has been crystalised, a bonus is payable, or perhaps the last year of salary income before retirement. ..MORE ...Liz Gibbs



With Antony Monaldi 


I felt old the other day.

I was talking with a young lady in her early twenties who had never seen the great Aussie film ‘The Castle’ants

“What do ya call these things again?”

“Rissoles, Everyone cooks rissoles darl.”

“Yeah, but it’s what you do with them.”

I recited the above lines only to be met with a blank stare. I went straight to the bit about jousting sticks. Still nothing. Not even a polite chuckle.

After going away and composing myself, I realised that this – one of the most enduring quotes of Australian film history – could be the ultimate metaphor for financial prudence and living within one’s means. No not the jousting sticks quote, the other one… “It’s what you do with it.”

Since financial literacy isn’t a mainstay of school curriculum's in Australia, and since children are missing out on the cultural enrichment that is The Castle, I wondered what else this classic piece could teach the young adults of today about the world of money….MORE

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