A Landmark Statement of Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary
With CEELI Insitute support and encouragement, the Supreme Courts of Central and Eastern Europe have joined together to sign a landmark Statement of Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary. The Principles were approved at the Annual Conference of the Chief Justices, hosted by the Supreme Court of Croatia, in Brijuni, Croatia, in October 2015.
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November sees Multiple Intensive Anti-Corruption Training Programs at the Institute
Due to high demand, the CEELI Institute conducted a second session of our highly acclaimed training program on "Investigating and Prosecuting Official Corruption" at the Villa Grebovka, in early November.
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Looking Ahead
The CEELI Institute is looking forward to a busy schedule for 2016. Upcoming events include:

• Local Elections in Ukraine: Expectations for the Future: December 10, 2015 at the Villa Grebovka; Jointly sponsored by the CEELI Institute and the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES)

• Workshop for Ukrainian Civil Society: Civic Monitoring for Government Accountability, February 15–17

• Tunisia Judicial Program, Phase Two: "Building Public Trust in the Judiciary" Tunis, February 17–24

Human Rights Lawyers' Sabbatical Program
With a generous donation from the director of the Oak Foundation's international human rights program, the CEELI Institute has completed the renovation and furnishing of a one-bedroom flat at the Institute, which is dedicated...
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Supporting International Human Rights Standards, Here at Home in Central Europe
The CEELI Institute was delighted to host and cosponsor a conference on International Human Rights Obligations of Post-Communist Countries, in partnership with the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno and the Czech Institute for European and Comparative Law, held at the Institute in October.
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Strengthening Government Accountability in Ukraine
In September, the CEELI Institute worked together with a Ukrainian civil society organization (The Kyiv based Center for Civil Liberties) to train a network of Ukrainian citizens engaged in monitoring the conduct of law enforcement agencies, courts, and local government throughout the country.
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Promoting Legal Skills Training for Independent Burmese Lawyers
The CEELI Institute, in partnership with Czech NGO Burma Center Prague, is again preparing to deliver another series of legal skills training sessions for independent Burmese lawyers, to be held this month in two regional Burmese cities.
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