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Day #8
Psalms 40:8

When God is Your Delight pt. 2

Good morning ladies!

I'm so proud of everyone for reaching week 2 of the challenge! Can you do me a favor-please send your testimonies to my email! I want to hear how you all are growing!

We are still discussing how to make God our delight.

As I was spending time with God this morning, He brought today's scripture to my attention:

Today's scripture is: Psalms 40:8

"I delight to do thy will, O my God: yeah, thy law is within my heart"

How to Read this Scripture:

After meditation and asking God questions about the scripture, I decided to dig deeper by doing a topical search

As we learned yesterday, my topical search let me know that God sees delight in the following ways. When I delight in God, He is my:

1)  Joy
2) Source of Joy
3) Gladness

I want you to read the scripture again and ask yourself, "do I delight to obey God and do His will?"

I remember when God led me to a job that I hated. 

I was obedient to His desire for me to stay in the position, but I came in everyday depressed and complaining. 

I wasn't treating God like He's my delight, my joy, or my source of joy. 

When God asks you to do something you really don't want to do, you are still expected to delight in the task. 

Sometimes, God may wake me up out of my sleep to pray. Even if I've just gone to bed two hours ago, I'm still expected to get my but out of bed and pray with delight, joy, and gladness. 

Look at the scripture again. It says that His law (His commandments, His Word) are within our hearts

God isn't just around us. Our God lives within us. So, every second of every day we must live like He's within us. 

You may be working a 9-5, going to school, or have to do tasks that you hate, daily!

But, if that task is the will of God, then operate with love, joy, and patience. 

The next time your boss gets on your nerves, try responding with love instead of an attitude.

Or, if the Lord is telling you it's not your time to get married yet, stop walking around like single is the worse thing since spoiled tomatoes!

It's not enough just to obey…we need to obey with joy, too!

Stay tuned…I'm going to be giving you all a challenge soon that will help you learn to make God your delight! (I ran out of space in this email).

You all can now view all past Bible study emails by scrolling down below. 

PS- Today, I encourage you to meditate on Psalm 1:1-3 again, Psalms 40:8,  or move on elsewhere as God leads you. Talk to you tomorrow...Just a reminder, I'm now sending these emails every weekday morning. 

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I love you!


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