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Day #11
Psalm 18:19

When God is not Your Delight 

Good morning ladies!

Today's scripture is: Psalm 18:19 (Amplified version)

"He brought me forth also into a large place; He was delivering me because He was pleased with me and delighted in me."

We've been learning about the benefits of delighting in God. 

Now, let's talk about what happens when we don't delight in Him. 

How to read this scripture:

After meditation and asking God questions about the scripture, I decided to dig deeper by doing a topical search

As we learned Monday, my topical search let me know that God sees delight in the following ways. 

When I delight in God, He is my: 

1)  Joy
2) Source of Joy
3) Gladness 

God is pleased with you when you have joy in Him, regardless of what else is going on. 

When God is not your delight, or source of joy, one or both of the following can happen: 

1) You'll hinder yourself from being delivered, moving forward

2) You'll remain discontent, living a false sense of hope that a change in circumstances can bring you the joy you desire

I want you to slowly read the scripture again and ask God, "Dad, do you delight in my life? Have I done my part for you to move me forward and deliver me?" 

I remember last year being one of the most difficult points of my life.

I was depressed, mad, and frustrated that God wouldn't change my situation.

I felt desperate for Him to deliver me and take me out of the circumstances I was living in.

Then, one day, my boyfriend told me some wise words as he said, "Why would God take you to a new place when you're still the same person?"

Those were some tough words to swallow.

But, he was right. 

I was still the same person. 

Still depressed.

Still mad.

And still begging God to change my life without making the effort to change myself. 

Look at Psalm 18:19 again. 

The scripture says that God delivered the psalmist because God delighted in him.

So, I'll ask you again, what are you doing for God to deliver you?

Can you say that He's pleased with your life, your attitude, and how you handle what's in front of you?

God wants us to delight in Him before we can move forward. 

A change in circumstances won't change your character.

So, if you don't trust Him where you are, you won't trust Him where you're going. 

When He's not your joy, it's because you're thinking that other things, awards, jobs, degrees, people, and material items can give you joy.

But, the truth is, until you're whole in Him, He could give you the whole world and you would still find something to complain about.

The things of this world will always have imperfection. It's time to stop searching for joy in the imperfect and find it in what's already perfect- Him.

Let's delight in Him!

I encourage you to look at Day #7 and Day #9 to have a better understanding of today's email. 

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PS- Over the weekend, I encourage you to meditate on Psalms 18:19, John 1,  or move on elsewhere as God leads you.

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I love you!


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