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Day #5
Matthew 22:37

Seeking God with Our Minds

Hey ladies!

Did everyone enjoy reading Psalms? I hope so!

As a reminder, you'll now be receiving these emails from me each morning to remind us that God needs personal time with us first thing in the morning and throughout the rest of the day!

These emails are only a guideline to your personal time with Him, they aren't a substitute. Make sure to get at least one hour or more of uninterrupted prayer/scripture reading each day as the Lord leads you.

Quick recap: We've been learning about seeking God. In the last email, we learned through Psalm 34:4 that one of the benefits of seeking God is being delivered from fear. We also discussed that, to God, fear is not just being afraid of something. Fear is also:

1) Being worried
2) Being anxious
3) Being concerned

If you or any of your friends missed it, click here to read the email from day #1, or click here to read day #2. 

Now, with today's scripture, let's talk about how to seek God with our minds

Today's scripture reading is Matthew 22:37: 

"Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

How to read this scripture: 

1) Meditation- First, start out reading each word in the scripture very slowly. Give yourself at least 5 minutes to meditate on the scripture with a clear mind. 

2) Ask- After you finish with your meditation of each word, it's always great to ask God how the scripture applies to your life. So, ask God, "Dad, how does this relate to me?" "What are you saying to me?" 

Don't be worried or anxious if He doesn't immediately respond. He may answer you much later in the day, next week, or 3 months later. He may answer you through a situation, a person, or through His actual voice. Be open to how and when He chooses to speak. Just enjoy being in His presence. Don't be more eager for His voice than His presence. After you ask, feel free to continue in meditation.

3) Dig Deeper-

After meditation, I decided to dig deeper into the scripture. 

In order to know how to love God with our minds, let's take a deeper look at how God sees love: 

According to 1 Corinthians 13:4 (Amplified version of the Bible), loving God with our minds means our minds are:

1) Being patient with Him
2) Enduring long for Him
3) Not being vainglorious (showing too much pride in our own abilities)

Out of all the points I listed above, the one I want to focus on for today is vainglorious, or, showing too much pride in our own abilities. 

I'm going to be very candid in this email. 

When I first started deepening my relationship with God, things felt so difficult for me that I somehow thought I could do better on my own. 

After a year of working overseas as a Peace Corps volunteer, God commanded that I leave where I was to move back home to America. Keep in mind: I had no job or place of my own. So, afterwards, I stayed unemployed for over a year and a half. 

I was thinking, "This is what it means to live for God? I can do better on my own!"

I wasn't loving Him with my mind. I was being arrogant. I had more pride in my own abilities than God's abilities. 

Being in a mindset where you think you can do better than God is a dangerous mindset to be in.

In this walk with Christ, every day will not feel like peaches and cream. You will have moments where God may call you to do and say things that have your family and everyone else around you question your sanity!

God may call you to leave that man that has a high paying job, to leave your job, your school, or to move locations. 

Other days, you may not know where your rent money will come from or how you will give your kids food.

Satan will try to trick your mind to make you think you can do things better for yourself. But, what he won't show you is what's on the end of following a path of disobedience. 

God loves you during every season. He uses challenging moments to prepare you for the greater He has for you. So, please don't run off, do your own thing, or try to make things work without Him. 

I came out of my season of unemployment with more faith, peace, and love for God than ever before. 

Yes, I eventually got a job. But, in the end, the blessings I received from my obedience can never compare to the joy I've learned to have through my challenges. 

Love God with your mind!

For the rest of today, we are meditating on today's scripture. When you're finished, I want you to do a personal Bible study on love using 1 Corinthians 13:4 and the topical search teaching I gave in the email from Day #1. Tomorrow, I'll be discussing 1 Corinthians 13:4 in my email. You all are welcome to study the same scriptures as us or move on elsewhere as God leads you. Additional blogs that may help you are also below. 

Use what you've learned in this email as a guideline as to how to study the Word. Don't overwhelm yourself. Take only 1-3 scriptures each day and then apply them to your life! Don't just read to read…read to live

Can you help me spread the about what God is saying in this message by sharing it with at least one friend via email or social media? Let's encourage and inspire each other!

Reach out if you have questions! I'm so proud of everyone for growing in God like never before! I'll send out the next email tomorrow morning...

I love you!


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