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Day #9
Psalm 37:4

The Benefits of Delighting in God

Good morning ladies!

We've reached Day #10 of the challenge and I have a testimony!!!

Since we've started, I've noticed I've been able to hear God's voice clearer.


The more you spend time with Him, the easier it'll become to recognize His voice! :) So exciting!!

We've been talking about delighting in God.

Today, let's talk about the benefits of delighting in God

Today's scripure is: Psalm 37:4

"Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart."

How to Read this Scripture:

After meditation and asking God questions about the scripture, I decided to dig deeper by doing a topical search. Click here to read the email where I explained topical searching. 

As we learned Monday, my topical search let me know that God sees delight in the following ways. When I delight in God, He is my: 

1)  Joy
2) Source of Joy
3) Gladness 

I want you to slowly read the scripture again and ask God, "Dad, what do you desire for my life? What is my purpose for living?" 

Two years ago, I remember looking at this scripture in the midst of chasing a man God clearly didn't want for me.

Reading the scripture out of context, I thought to myself, "I really like this guy. Since he's what I want, surely God must want him for me, too."

Boy, was I wrong!

This scripture isn't saying that God will just give you your heart's desires simply because you've learned how to delight in Him.

Instead, it's saying that as you delight yourself ("thyself") in God, His desires become your desires. In turn, He gives you the greater He already had planned for you.

Don't think of this as a negative. Exchanging my wants for God's desires is the best thing I've ever done!


Because God wants better for you than you could ever imagine for yourself. 

What if God had given me that guy I was chasing after just because it's what I wanted?

I wouldn't have received the better I have now!

Now, I don't have to chase.

My man comes to me!
When you're totally in tune with God, delighting in Him, enjoying His presence, loving His Word, and enjoying being obedient, your heart has no choice but to turn towards the better He has for you.

When He's your source of joy and you enjoy hanging out with Him in prayer, you're not focused on yourself, your wants, or where you think you "should" be. 

What's your source of joy? God?...or your own desires?

If you want all God has for you, the process is simple...just make Him your delight!

Today, I encourage you to meditate on Psalms 37:4Psalm 18:19or move on elsewhere as God leads you.

PS- Don't forget about this week's prayer challenge to spend one hour or more of uninterrupted time with God in prayer without scriptures, cell phones, or emails. 

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I love you!


Jordone :)

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