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May 2020

My YouTube channel is ready for prime time. Take a look please and “like” & subscribe too!

Thanks and HUGS to Dana Walden who got the ball rolling and Jess Weber.


After 7 weeks of shelter in place we will begin to take baby steps out of our nest. We’ll be starting to see friends, venture a little further from home…and hopefully will be able to celebrate the publication of Extreme on July 14th.

We are Open!
Extreme the book is ready for pre-orders.
See the new website for order info, publicity news:

Coming Right up!
Writing Salon :
I’ll be leading a three session “You Can Be a Winning Writer” class
At The Writing Salon on Zoom.
Wednesdays: May 13, 20 and 27
May 6th
Meetup “Getting Published”
Friday, May 8th
International Literary Event:
Artist Relief Tree
New News:

"7 Tips for Writing a Best Seller While Sequestered."
Portland Oregonian




My artist community has been very busy!
The Spring 2020 Issue of "The Marsh Hawk Press Review" has gone live at

Safely invite 37 great poets into your living room and read (for free) work by Marge Piercy, Maxine Hong Kingston, Rusty Morrison, Jane Ormerod, Dennis Nurkse, Kim Shuck, Rafael Jesus Gonzalez and Joan Gelfand. This issue was edited by Mary Mackey.


Geri Spieler- "How I Survived the Zoom Apocalypse"

George Brooks performs a beautiful collaborative piece
“Seven Spices” for #playathome
Kelly Sullivan Walden's new goddess car
ds are here !

Kate Farrell: Mother’s day show - stories of being a mom, having a mom, or not and more.,

Diane Frank, Publisher of Blue Light Press, edits: Blessings

What I’m Reading

Gentleman in Moscow

Nine Perfect Strangers


New Yorker articles

Donating to:


SF Youth Theater

Everyday Zen

Elizabeth Block’s film “What Kind of Woman” 

From Elizabeth: 
We are currently revising the script, readying it for production. 
We are putting some puzzle pieces together for the right final financing.
Still collecting Film Independent donations, but will be following up on the status…
If you have not already, please check out what Film Independent wrote (below) about my work and a couple other films and impressive filmmakers dealing with similar themes in their stories.

Thank you for reading!
Send your news!



“ extreme” galley mailed back to the designer! Pub date 7/14!

Daily defense
Vit c, zinc, Chinese herbs & mask

A beautiful day in the neighborhood



Healing Buddha


Spring bouquet/nasturtiums/anemones

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