Gifted/End of Year Exaltations

November 2020

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Gifted/End of Year Exaltations
When, for a moment, I am overcome with frustration after nine months of back and forth quarantining, or worry about the climate, or grief about the suffering that continues and has been exacerbated by the pandemic, I think: “We did it. We dumped Trump.” And I pull myself back together.
Let’s not forgot how hard we fought and to give ourselves a moment of satisfaction.
A special shout out to Deb Kinney and Susan Stanger who worked tirelessly for the election!

The Good News
“The Ferlinghetti School of Poetics” was published on the San Francisco Public Library’s Poem a Day site, curated by SF Poet Laureate Kim Shuck.
I was honored to be featured on the blog “Authors Answer”
“The Blues” Winner of the Effie Lee Morris Writing Contest was featured in the December issue of “Winning Writer”

NEW & Upcoming

The Independent -- British News Mag -- Interview coming soon
January 12th
Interview on ABC/Sacramento
January 8th
Feminine Frequency Festival
I’ll speak on “Creating Art from Dreams”
February 14th
3 hour workshop on “You Can Be a Winning Writer”
2-5 pm



Constance Hale –
Reflections on Peace

From Lucy Lang Day
Ultimately, I came to realize that it isn't your teachers, your prizes, or your publications that make you a poet. It's the ability to get excited by lines like "the listener, who listens in the snow, / And, nothing himself, beholds / Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is" (Wallace Stevens, "The Snow Man"), to be jealous of someone who could write "never met this fellow, / Attended or alone, / Without a tighter breathing, / And zero at the bone" (Emily Dickinson, "A narrow fellow in the grass"), and to notice that "The pears fatten like little buddhas. / A blue mist is dragging the lake." (Sylvia Plath, "The Manor Garden"). Also, I think that being a poet consists much more in working on the forty drafts than in receiving your contributor's copy of the magazine containing the finished poem.”
From Lucy Lang Day’s “On Being a Poet” in Poetry Flash


Deborah Grossman From Santa magazine
Kelly Sullivan Walden – AKA Dr. Dream is offering three different workshops this winter –


Joan's Writing Tip of the Month

Don’t forget to continue to build your networks while you are writing!
Have a safe, healthy holiday and send news! Xoxo thank you for your continued support!

Special Holiday GIVEAWAY Extravaganza!

Did you write a review of “Extreme?” Yes? Aweseome! Tell me ( and I will mail you a thank you gift! Choose one!
Can you grab pix from my website?
Coffee Mug with “Pigeon Pose” poem
Coffee Mug with “Café” poem
One signed copy of Winning Writer
One signed copy of “Dreams and Premonitions”/Chicken Soup for the Soul
One signed copy of “Dreams and the Unexplainable”/Chicken Soup for the Soul

All who write reviews will be entered in a
Raffle for a free hour of coaching.



WNBA/holiday Zoom mixer
Congratulations to Christina deptula
Best literary cocktail!
In honor of pippi longstocking


Simone gets in the holiday spirit!


The baby ( grandson)
On Hannukah Zoom!



At Coyote Point Rec Area


Wild Women Wednesday
Dream Circle
Last meeting with our fearless leader, Kelly Sullivan Walden


Happy Holidays! Stay Safe 👍


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