June 2021 - Grads and Dads

June 2021

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Love Story

Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2021

This fast-paced novel by Joan Gelfand is a real eye opener into what really goes on behind the scenes in Silicon Valley’s corporate tech culture. An expertly written story with a good mix of characters that are relatable (especially for women). The novel is mainly a love story with a good mix of conflict, modern life, business and intrigue so if you love non-stop action then I recommend reading Extreme! Highly recommended, 5 stars from me.

June 27th
Celebration of “Fog and Light: San Francisco Through the Eyes of Poets Who Live Here” Published by Blue Light Press – with
Great Weather for Media in NYC
1 pm PST/4pm Eastern

Fog and Light made best seller on Amazon
July 10th
“You can be a winning writer”
The writing salon
10am - 1pm PST

July 24th
You Can Be a Winning Writer
Fremont writers group
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July 25th
Fog and Light
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Dreams to Art with Kelly Sullivan Walden
Interview with Kelly Sullivan Walden on creating art from dream images

Reading and Writing podcast
Featured Client
Writer’s Relief
After using Writer’s Relief to help me with submissions, they decided to feature me as an endorser of their services.


  • The Course of Love – Alain de Botton – thanks Julie Dorf and Deb Kinney !
  • Hamnet - Maggie O'Farrell
  • Native Speaker - Chang Rae Lee
  • How to be an Anti Racist - Ibram X. Kendi
  • Nam June Paik – SF MOMA

I:  Uptown

Lex and 67th.   The corner luncheonette -- 1940’s décor. I’m
Sipping an egg cream, fizzy sweetness, afternoon half-light,
Back on that swiveling stool, enveloped in your presence. 
You were SO big -- and talking. Always talking.
Your legacy: a love of food and strangers.
Your headstone is a mess, daddy-o.
II:  Downtown
It was you who led me by my small hand, handing me the
Midnight blue tallis* bag -- silver lettering
Like moonlight on a lake. 
There was magic in that bag.  I’m sure of it.
We walked, bright fall morning, embraced by beautiful quiet,
Dry fall leaves scratching the sidewalk, to shul.
Sublimely the Cantor sang:
“Shema Yisrael, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai echad.”*
As my very scalp tingled
With a jolt of passion.
Or was that God’s hand?
III:  All Around the Town
Daddy-O the FDR still stinks; the traffic would drive you mad,
And all your friends are dead.
But the days still grow dusky, and in that space between day and night
Romance and expectation loiter.
Daddy-O, you’re that note, that ancient music and that upbeat jazz chord
Wrapping itself, wordless, around my heart.
I come to this city and feel you in the cracks
Of the pavement, the closeness of the brick,
The cool sky, the unceasing noise, and
The dirty river flowing by.
This city is etched on my memory like some noir film,
Blanketed with dark, unresolved mysteries. 
I’ll always remember the night we lay in the dark,
Crickets the only sound beside your voice as you regaled us
With tales of pushing your knish cart
On Coney Island.
Daddy-O, years pass and I can’t seem to get to you.
In this city, I pay my respects
To your memory.  To your joy.
In this city, Daddy-O, you are still alive.

* Inspired by the late jazzman Cannonball Adderly’s composition “One for Daddy-O”

Published in Jewish Women’s Literary Annual

Gail Reitano – Italian Love Cake will be translated into French and Italian!
Yang Huang“My Good Son” reviewed in The NYT

Andrena Zawinski – 5 poems
  • Andrena Zawinski has had work recently published in California College of the Arts Humble PieCloud Women Quarterly online, Conestoga Zen AnthologyLothlorien Poetry Journal blogspot, and Windward Review.
Congratulations to Gavi Kinney Sonntag for graduating with the award: Departmental Citation from the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, given to the top graduating seniors for academic achievement!


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Adam reads a book to Caleb, 3.

Nevada Beach, Lake Tahoe
June 6

Nancy Brown, Artist
@ the green wall at SF MOMA

Gavi Kinney Sonntag, Class of 2021, UC Davis

Adam and Debbie on PCT near Echo Lake

At “the cabin” at Echo Lake.
Reading, writing and staying hydrated : ) 

From the Nam Jun Paik Exhibition

My chocolate rose in bloom

Happy Anniversary! 
May 2021

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