July 2021 - You Say It's Your Birthday

June 2021

My YouTube channel is ready for prime time. Take a look please and “like” & subscribe too!

Thanks and HUGS to Dana Walden who got the ball rolling and Jess Weber.

Augusto Bartelle - Spanish skydiver- loves “Extreme!”

He skydives with "Extreme", and shouts out to his crew:

Extreme goes to the Olympics: watch this space for exciting news!!!


Thank you for all the hearty congratulations on "Extreme" placing as finalist in the International Book Awards. : )
Please share this news on your social, with friends and with your book clubs!
I will be doing Zoom talks with books clubs around the country – let me know if your club is interested in getting onto the schedule.

In Hawaii, first birthdays are mega community event with feasting and music.
In Bali, parents don’t let the baby’s feet touch the ground until age 1.
In Jewish tradition, you don’t cut baby’s hair until after their 1st birthday.
With books – you LAUNCH – and in the Pandemic – you LAUNCH again!

Well, my baby had a bit of an aborted launch but we did get great media mentions, write ups and interviews around the world. See the media here:
The highlight being, my interview with Moira Gunn at the NPR studio in North Beach at the height of the pandemic – for Tech Nation – and where I got to sign my name on the ‘author’s wall’ next to Guy Kawasaki’s.

LASTLY:  I’ll trade you! If you post a review of "Extreme" – I’ll enter you for:
1: raffle to win an hour consult! $125
2: a copy of “Extreme”
3: “You Can Be A Winning Writer” – 2 giveaways
4: "Fog and Light: San Francisco Through the Eyes of Poets Who Live Here" - 2 giveaways
5: “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable” - 2 giveaways
6: “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions” - 2 giveaways
7: “The Long Blue Room” coffee mug
8: Have your new project featured in my newsletter!
9: “Yoga” coffee mug !
10: “Ode to Toast” Poster!
THANK you for a great first year.
More news to come!



Diane Frank, publisher of blue light press emcees the “Fog & Light” reading sponsored by Great Weather for Media

The audience shot!

Readers & audience

Making an “Amazon chocolate cake" for Gavis graduation

My outdoor office - yes, there’s wifi!


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