State of the Crusade

Hail all, xenos, infidels, heretics, demi-gods and assorted immortals,
We attended E3 recently to meet press, partners (think Alienware) and potential distributors of the game to digital and physical stores. We still have things to come out of those meetings, but I’m going to give you some highlights, in case you missed it in the press. Much of this won’t be news if you’ve been following the coverage, so there is some extra info, which you’ve all probably wondering about as well.

Getting access earlier!
Yes! Founder's Access (or Closed Alpha, to use the industry term) is actually coming earlier than before. The trade-off is that we're starting with an NDA during the rusty first few weeks. Nothing to do with something that could be embarrassing for us. If that was the case, we wouldn't have me on the forums ;)
The NDA is simply a very small price to pay and I accept it, compared to the huge benefit of getting Founder's in, starting playtesting earlier and affect the direction of the game.
This is simply a very important conversation I want to start having as soon as possible. If we get to know if something is wrong early, then it's often easier to course correct. Try an almost finished game, and it's been going in the wrong direction for a year, it’s very, or even impossible, to correct.
What is the NDA? No screens, no videos, no talking, except in the Founders forum obviously. So for all intents and purposes, this is a Closed Alpha as mentioned earlier. We commit to lifting this as soon as possible, because we want you to be screaming on the rooftops, and streaming as crazy the Eternal Crusade.

We have a shooter engine, for our massive online shooter!
We’re proud to finally announce that we’re using Unreal Engine 4 for Eternal Crusade! The power and proven versatility of UE makes it the ideal candidate for a massive war like in the Eternal Crusade. Not only will it look good and perform good, it makes us move much faster.
This also means that we will have weekly updates to the client, be that new maps, improvements to performance, fixing bugs, adding features, changing features, new weapons, mods, character progression, fortresses, territorial conflict, warmasters. It all comes in gradually.
And that’s what getting you into the development process and becoming a part of it. It will have faults and it will break, in fact, you are supposed to try to break it as much as you can. So thank the god of your choice and EPIC for delivering a tool, which allows us to move fast, iterate and give you stuff early.

Consoles are confirmed
While we can’t say WHEN the XB1 and PS4 versions are coming, it’s 100% official that they are coming. Again it’s EPIC that’s helping out here. We at Behaviour have been doing upports, downports and sideports for many years, so this does not affect our main development pipeline. In fact, we made some great deals in this all so I’d say it’s actually a benefit for our development pipeline.  But there are huge questions. Can I transfer my characters to another platform? Or even play on all platforms? Play against other platforms?
No, it’s simply not allowed yet. We’ve seen exceptions, and who knows what the future will bring us. But at this point in time, the Founder’s program is a program for PC and buying a package is not for Consoles – but they will become available shortly. I’m hoping we’ll have the transfers as a commonplace service in the future between platforms, I think that’s only fair to customers, but it’s not entirely our choice. But we’ll fight, for your right, to … uhm … transfer. That sounded better in my head.

More upcoming news
As you see us moving forward with many designs, our intent becoming more clear, and the state of the crusades being a vehicle to deliver that intent, design direction and news, you’ll be exposed to more and more. We have upcoming an area which we haven’t talked about much lately, PVE and Tyranids, and we have more on the territorial conquest, because a lot of you were very interested in the Campaigns (as are we).
But we believe the proof is in the pudding. I never understood that saying myself, I mean, it’s pudding. However, having you involved as soon as possible, will allow you to participate like a true crusader, in making this the best massively online shooter ever made in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
We will be in there with you, and I look forward to it.
Nathan Richardsson
Senior Producer

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