We are finally sorted with the new PAYG (BLUK!) System!
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We are finally sorted! Hopefully this is my final long, detailed email!


Your PAYG (BLUK!) credits should now be showing "correctly"...

Dear Swimmers

Many thanks for your patience whilst we've been crossing our Ts and dotting our Is as we transition over to the new PAYG (BLUK!) System. I just wanted to explain how your credits will show within your account as this appears to be causing a lot of confusion and in some cases, angst.

Please do take 2-3 minutes to read the below as it is undoubtedly the most common FAQ. Your understanding will go a long way to smoothing this final transition prior to the release of the new app later next week. Now that will be cool!

The good news is that for the majority of you, your "credits" will simply tick down as you attend each session and once you reach 2 remaining, you'll be sent an automated email asking you to top-up. This is great as you'll probably never need to really check your account going forwards...let's face it, we'd all prefer to be in the pool swimming, right?! If this is you, please don't feel the need to read on any further!

But if you are curious as to why you're seeing "zero visits remaining" and knowing a little more about who it all works, read on...

As mentioned the other day, one of the confusing things about the way in which your credits are reconciled is that they're automatically put against the visits you have booked in the future. This means that if you were attending 3 sessions per week for the next year (50 weeks, minus two for Christmas), you'll have 150 bookings in the system. You might have 23 credits as we would normally think of it, but these 23 credits are automatically reconciled against the next 23 sessions of your 150 that are booked. As such, you've technically got 127 sessions left unpaid in this scenario, starting from your 24th visit. Because all 23 credits are assigned against your future bookings, these then technically display as "0 visits remaining" within the app and when you check-in down at the pool. This simply means that you've allocated all of your credits against sessions you will take in the future, NOT that you don't have any credits left to use!

If you would like to see how many credits you have "remaining" and their expiry date, please check out this link - this has been cross-referenced at least 5 billion times, so I am very confident it is all totally correct. If you do have any queries or qualms though, don't be afraid to speak out! This is my final manual check-list before switching fully over to the digital checking version on Monday (all of which is always backed up on secure servers).

The MindBody system was primarily created for health clubs, gyms, spas, yoga studios etc where you might not be part of an ongoing "squad" like we have here at Swim Smooth Perth. Typically these establishments are set-up around ad-hoc attendance as and when the client wishes to attend. This has proven to be the biggest challenge - simply translating what we do into the functionality and terminology of how MindBody is configured to work. Neither is right or wrong, it's just a case of this terminology and method needing to be understood by all parties. Unfortunately, try as I might, I cannot get them to change the way this works (we are but one of 64,000 businesses using this system), hence my need to explain the way this looks to you for your own clarification.

What was confusing for the technical support team was why I would need to book any of you in for longer than you have credits available. This is of course simple to me, and hopefully to you; given the way we operate, if I didn't book you ahead for 12 months, the scenario could easily occur where someone could hop into your sport within the squad as your credits near expiry because you wouldn't have any reservations beyond the extent of your credits. Of course we don't want this!! So with the new system you'll never be showing credits "remaining" as we would ordinarily think of it as they have already been allocated against your future bookings. Of course though, you do so have these sessions available to you!!

Confused? Trust me, I have been!

So when you check your account within the app you're almost always likely to see "zero visits remaining", unless you have bought a card for the wait list and have only managed to book in several sessions so far.

If you check in to your online portal here you are likely to see something like this in your Account section:

  • In the Unpaid Visits section in red at the top, the Scheduled number indicates how many unpaid sessions you have scheduled between now and mid-August 2016 (the limit of everyone's bookings at this stage). These are the number of sessions left unreconciled beyond when your paid for credits run out.
  • Somewhat confusingly, the grey section labelled "Inactive" is where your true credits (as you know them per the old PAYG paper card system) appear.
  • Under the description tab the terms PAYG 10, PAYG 25, PAYG 50 are the terms we used when carrying over credits from the old system to the new.
  • Those of you whom have bought new credits within the new system might see a second line here with the terms 10 Session PAYG, 25 Session PAYG, 50 Session PAYG. If you bought these credits before the old ones had run out, your total remaining paid visits will appear under the Scheduled column, adding both lines to see your true total. A third line might also show here if you have any pending 1-2-1 Video Analysis Sessions booked, but of course this single credit is for that session, not part of your squad credits.
  • The Remaining column displays as 0/5 (example) meaning you have zero visits remaining because all 5 credits that you bought have been allocated to future sessions. Typically this will show as 0/10, 0/25, 0/50, 0/100 going forwards to reflect the different credit block options. At the moment most of you will see a weird number like 0/33, which simply means that on 10/8/15 you had 33 credits remaining and that is what was transferred for you.
  • The system is configured so that your old credits will always be used first and when these are all used up, your new credits will then be used which kick off the expiry period too from the first visit on that particular block of sessions. Rather than thinking of your credits as a total number, think of them in "blocks" - most of you will ultimately end up having two blocks showing...those credits you're still using up, and those you've just bought in response to the automated email that will be sent when you're down to 2 credits remaining.
  • Most of you will see the activation date as 10/8/15 which was when we shifted over to MindBody and the conversion team in L.A inputted your data.
  • Some of you might see "Returned" against one of your payment blocks - don't worry about this, this was simply an error in converting some of your data - please simply ignore this line.
  • The Expiry Date is when your credits will expire as per: 10 = 3 months (less than 1 session/wk), 25 = 4 months (1-2 sessions/wk), 50 = 6 months (2-3 sessions/wk) and our new 100 = 8 months (4+ sessions/wk). These reflect different frequencies of use, so please have a think about which is right for you. As mentioned previously, I have extended everyone's credits (in some cases by almost a year!) to ensure that everyone can start the new system afresh. I hope this helps.

On that note, we've just added two new options:

  1. a 10 session long expiry (12 months) option for $175 which is ideal for those working FIFO or whom are hanging in the wings trying to find waitlisted spots. It's a much cheaper option that simply paying $20 for each session attended and less hassle having to remember to buy a card
  2. a 100 session bulk-buy option for $1,100 with an 8 month expiry, ideal for heavy use users (3+ sessions per week), saving you up to $4.60 per session on the normal 10 session card
I really hope this helps clarify everything for you. I look forward to quitting the long, detailed emails going forwards and getting back to the coaching as I'm sure you do too! Thanks so much for your time.


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