August 2021
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Eight months into 2021, products are being produced, inventions are being invented, and we're all pushing forward.

This issue is all about ultrafast lasers. They are great tools if you want to make this world a better place.


ORIGAMI XP femtosecond laser series got better!

We have improved the ORIGAMI XP femtosecond laser to make it easier to use in ultrafast manufacturing and research.

The new ORIGAMI XP v5.0 has several improvements:

  • Tunable pulse widths of 370 fs - 5 ps
  • Improved laser monitoring and diagnostics 
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface and Ethernet Communication
The ORIGAMI XP is ideal for ultrafast precision machining. You can monitor laser parameters e.g. peak power, to optimize material processing conditions and improve the quality. Choose your desired wavelength of standard IR (1030 nm), green (515 nm), UV (343 nm), or all three in one laser solution.

The ORIGAMI XP is still the same robust, compact, air-cooled laser that delivers market-leading beam pointing stability.
Get more info on the new laser

ORIGAMI XP summer clearance sale

We are clearing out our inventory of femtosecond ORIGAMI XP and XPSs to make room for the new generation!

We still have a few lasers on the shelves and we've found a few demo units you can get at an extra discount.

So, if you ever dreamt of owning your very own high-power femtosecond laser, now is the time to get in touch.

Hurry up and find your local sales contact now.

Read how to get one

Advantages of polymer cutting with femtosecond UV lasers

We've used the UV version of our femtosecond ORIGAMI XP laser to make high-precision cutting in polymers. 

The short wavelengths give you better processing tolerances and virtually no heat-affected zones.

Read the application note to see how we processed PET, PTFE, COC, and polycarbonate.

Read the application note

Ultra-short pulse lasers make cost-efficient high-quality stents

Precise and cost-effective fabrication of complex stents calls for an ultrashort pulse laser. Why?

Femtosecond pulses produce accurate cuts because they eliminate heat dissipation. The precise cuts make post-processing unnecessary, give a high yield, and reduce manufacturing costs.

See how you can use the ORIGAMI XP to make Nitinol stents.

See how to machine stents

Black marking for Unique Device Identification

The FDA requires that all medical devices are marked with a Unique Device Identifier (UDI). The marking must have lifelong durability to ensure traceability and patient safety.

Laser marking with ultrafast lasers is cost-effective. It has high process reliability and can create complicated details with micron precision. It has no direct contact with the medical device and uses no consumables.

Get more reasons why ultrafast lasers are the perfect choice for black marking. 

Learn why ultrafast lasers make great marking

How to make the most of your ultrafast laser

In our applications lab, we are constantly exploring what our ultrafast lasers can do. Can we process transparent materials? Ceramics? How small features can we machine? And with what tolerances?

We are eager to see how far we can push the limits. Should we help you optimize your process? Or perhaps make you a proof of concept?

See the capabilities of the lab


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