Why are more people getting cancer?

Some diseases, like smallpox, are declining or have been almost completely eradicated. Yet in 2018 there were around 18 million cancer cases globally, and this is expected to hit 30 million in the next 20 years. People are living for longer, which is one of the main reasons for the increase in cancer rates as the longer we live, the more time we have to develop cancer. But there are other reasons why more people are getting cancer, and some are to do with how we live and what we do (or don't do).

Despite 30 years of WCRF, there is still more to be done to help people lower their risk of cancer.

Why else are cancer rates increasing?

Flashback: 30 years of exercise trends

Did you sit in a car today, or a bus or a train? Did you sit on the sofa to watch TV? Did you sit at a table and use a computer to work or play a game? Technology means we sit down far more than we used to. As far back as 1995, the UK government knew this was a problem.

So what did they do about it?

The most important health challenge of our time

It's so important that our cancer researchers hear from real people, particularly those with direct experience of cancer. Cancer survivor and patient advocate Lesley Turner helps scientists and clinicians take into account the views of patients and carers, which can really help people living with cancer.

Read her story

Eat Move Learn

Introducing Mixer, Pedal, Searcher, and Flower! We have launched a new area on our website that teaches 7–11 year olds about healthy eating and being active in a fun way. The Eat Move Learn team will be on hand for kids to learn with.

Meet the team! 

Time to smile!

We’re so happy to share with you that this quarter our amazing supporters raised over £800 in AmazonSmile donations! It’s the same products, same price, but 0.5% is donated to WCRF – at no extra charge to you!

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